The advantages of joining the SYLTBAR Wine Club

Why Join a Natural Wine Club

When you join a wine club, it can have a lot of great benefits. It starts at some discounts and can end with exclusive access to limited editions wine. How can one make sure to get the money's worth out of any club ? There are a lot of options because wine clubs always appear in all different shapes and sizes. Have a look at what happens if you become a SYLTBAR wine club member and make up your own mind.

Benefits of joining a Boutique Wine Club

When you join a boutique quality fine wine club such as the SYLTBAR one the benefits include:

  • Sign Up Gift.Get a sample of our wines or lifestyle accessories
  • Complimentary ground shipping for all wine club shipments
  • 1 Black SYLTBAR bottle stopper
  • Free box after 12 consecutive shipments ( get 3, 6 or 12 bottles on SYLTBAR depending on the tier )
  • 5% off additional orders and complimentary shipping over $ 200 year round
  • SYLTBAR customer service
  • Manage your SYLTBAR deliveries with ease
  • Exclusive Education what you always wanted to know about the Wine Business
  • Access to Wine Tours at our producer San Simone in Italy/ Friuli, 40 min. from Venice

There are some additional benefits which you can only enjoy while visiting the winery in Friuli Italy where they produce all SYLTBAR fine wines. These include free SYLTBAR wine tastings, invitations to events, and a very special and generous treatment while you are there.

However if you in general consider to join a wine club make sure to pay attention to shipping costs, cancellation fees, ability to skip shipments or switch to less frequent shipments. In addition to that you should find out if the wines are an exclusive part to the club or not.

Another advantage of becoming a SYLTBAR wine cub member is the fact that its fine still wines are not distributed in retail which makes it much more exclusive compared to mass production wines which you can find and purchase even in pharmacy and drugstore location

Furthermore becoming a SYLTBAR wine club member offers you everyone a very flexible way to choose favorites. How about being a customized SYLTBAR wine club member ? You can pick 3, 6 or 12 bottles of your favorite SYLTBAR natural wine and we set it up for you. Just send us an email to

Let us summarize for you the most important advantages becoming a SYLTBAR wine club member:

  • SYLTBAR fine still wines are limited edition and not available to the public
  • SYLTBAR offers and sends gifts to its wine club members
  • SYLTBAR educates its wine club members about the wine industry
  • SYLTBAR sends Newsletters to all wine club members on a regular basis
  • SYLTBAR is different and offers a very reasonable price quality level for all SYLTBAR wines to its wine club members
  • SYLTBAR wines are all 100% naturally produced
  • SYLTBAR wines are your “Happy Healthy Daily Juice”
  • SYLTBAR offers specials and discounts for its wine club members
  • SYLTBAR offers a customized wine club membership
  • SYLTBAR Wine club members say they enjoy and look forward to receiving the wines and the element of surprise that comes with each shipment
  • There is no entrance costs to join and become a SYLTBAR wine club member
  • You can always quit the SYLTBAR wine club membership

SYLTBAR is look forward to welcome you as a new wine club member!

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