The History of Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR

The History of Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR

Mr and Mrs have a long history, dating all the way back to 1915 when the producers of our beloved SYLTBAR wines, San Simone, was founded in Friuli, Italy by the Brisotto family. Now, it’s important to understand that SYLTBAR is not the name of the vineyard, the winery or the wine producers — it is the name that we, Regina and Claus Blohm, chose to use for our brand when we partnered with the winery to bring their Prosecco, Sparkling Rosé and a selection of fine wines to America. 

Inspiration for SYLTBAR

But why did we choose this name? That is because we both discovered this Prosecco independently from each other on the Island Sylt in a bar/restaurant. We also both agreed that the shape of the island is very unique and thought this could be the perfect logo for our brand. We got the seal of approval by Trademarking both the word SYLTBAR and the picture of the island as our logo.


Our affinity for San Simone’s Premium Prosecco is one of the key things that brought us together as a couple, and made us want to start the SYLTBAR brand in our favorite city here in Miami, Florida 11 years ago. You see, both of us tried San Simone’s Prosecco over 30 years ago while on the island of Sylt, independent of one another. Years later, when we met while living in the same apartment building, we discovered our mutual love for this particular Prosecco (by the way, that was the only thing that we had in common at the time) and decided to name it after that amazing island where we both tried it for the first time. That is how the SYLTBAR brand was born.

san simone winery  

Who makes SYLTBAR Wine? 

The San Simone Winery is now managed by the fourth generation of the Brisotto family. We keep in very close contact with them to ensure our US customer base is getting the best wine possible, and to provide them with the proper education about the wines: 100% naturally produced, nothing added and nothing removed, vegan, very low in sugar, calories and sulfites, and produced by a Green Project certified winery that believes in sustainability and being one with the environment.  

Now let’s talk a little more about Mr and Mrs.

 Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR

The History of Mr SYLTBAR 

Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco gets its name from the village of Prosecco, located within the Friuli region of northeastern Italy. Early Prosecco wines were produced using an ancestral method for sparkling wine, which resulted in sweet wines with low alcohol content. This profile is comparable to another popular Italian sparkling wine, known as Asti. This old production method was quite risky because of how hard it was to control the production process. It involves stopping the initial fermentation before it is finished, and the secondary fermentation happens in the bottle.

SYLTBAR Prosecco, however, differs in its production and its flavor profile. Instead of the first fermentation stopping short and the second fermentation happening in the bottle, SYLTBAR wines go through their second fermentation process in steel tanks. The wine is kept in the tanks long enough to self-stabilize and not require the addition of any sweeteners or chemicals to enhance its profile. That secondary fermentation in the steel tanks helps to preserve the wine’s bright aromas. This is the key, and the process requires a lot of knowledge and passion, which also translates into time…and many brands don’t want to invest all that time into this kind of natural production.

SYLT Island

Premium Prosecco Tasting Notes

Mr is crisp and refreshing, not sweet, and boasts an impressive 11.5% alcohol content despite still only being 49 calories and 0.3 grams of sugar per 6 ounce serving. 

Mr gives off notes of pear, golden apple, white peach and lemon. It’s well balanced bubbles dance like little ballerinas, and will remain intact for 3-4 days after the bottle has been opened, so long as you use a SYLTBAR bottle stopper (that is, unless you finish it all in one sitting!) We recommend enjoying Mr in a white wine glass, instead of a flute, chilled to 45-49°F, to really get the full experience.

SYLT Lighthouse

The History of Mrs SYLTBAR

Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé is made from 100% Merlot grape. Mrs is made using the same fermentation process as Mr, however this rosé wine gets its color due to the fact that the juice of the red grapes used is only exposed to the skins for a short period of time. The contact with the skin is for no more than a few hours, which is why rosé is more of a light pink or blush color rather than a deep, dark red.

Tasting notes for Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose

Mrs is fresh and fruity, but not sweet, with notes of pomegranate, dog rose and lychee. Its elegance can be retained by drinking it in a white wine glass at a temperature of 45-48°F. One 6 ounce glass of Mrs Sparkling Rosé will only set you back 63 calories and 0.45 grams of sugar.

While Mr and Mrs are produced at the San Simone winery in Friuli, Italy, we have been lucky enough to expand their reach outside of Europe, into the United States, for over eleven years. We enjoy being able to spread our love for Mr and Mrs to fellow wine lovers, whether through tastings, events, or simply through word of mouth.


We are not wine snobs, but we do want to feel good the next day, even after consuming more than just one glass. That is the secret of SYLTBAR! When you drink your Happy Healthy Daily Juice, you know that you will feel fine the next day, thanks to its real, 100% natural production.

Shop for 100% naturally produced, low sugar, low sulfite, low calorie Mr and Mrs online at or use our locator to find a retailer near you that carries SYLTBAR wines.

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