Our Story

Your "Happy, Healthy, Daily Juice!"

My husband, Claus Blohm, and I first tasted our favorite Prosecco from Italy in 1992. Although we both tasted this particular Prosecco independently from each other, we were both on the famous island of Sylt, located in the North Sea of Germany. The logo on all of our bottles is the shape of this island. 13 years later, we met for the first time as neighbors in Hamburg, Germany.

Mr Blohm and I didn’t have much in common, except for the fact that we both loved the same Prosecco.

After sharing many bottles, we agreed that this was the best Prosecco in the world because we never, ever felt hung over the next morning.

In fact, we would wake up feeling great, and didn’t gain weight. Neither of us knew anything about the wine world, but that has worked to our advantage. It means that we think and feel like true customers, and not just a wine producer who very often cares only about profitability.

We never had a marketing strategy behind our brand. We only wanted to share our positive experience with others.

What drives us is to educate people about the tricky wine industry, and help others understand why it so important to pay attention to details.

Let us help you #syltbar

Join our Revolution

...against the mass production of wine, hiding behind boutique labels. We have had more than our share of hangovers and other side effects from these wines. We have decided, No More. Our wine is 100% naturally produced with nothing added, nothing removed.

More Than Just another "Prosecco"

Forget those big brand wines that are priced six times as much as what it costs to make them. We work with one family-run winery in Italy who has invested over 105 years in the natural production of their wines. The sugar result is lab tested by the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute.

Redefining the Luxury Experience

We offer wine with very low sulfites that don't contain any additives or chemicals like RoundUps. SYLTBAR wines are certified by the Italian Green Project, and are much more than simply organic. They are time-honored with the value of a long fermentation.
Facts Makes a Difference