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Mr and Mrs

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Rooted in Nature

lab tested

SYLTBAR has been tested by the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute. Mr and Mrs are proven to have the lowest sugar content when compared to many other name brands. That's only 2 Smart Points for WW (Weight Watchers), and absolutely Keto-friendly.

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100% naturally produced

The average amount of sulfites in SYLTBAR is around 25ppm, whereas the average amount in commercial wines is about 150ppm! Our winery cares deeply about its integrity. On top of that, we always include the fill date on the bottle back label to show that we are not mass produced.

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Time Honored

Did you know that the majority of wines are not vegan? SYLTBAR wines remain in the tank long enough to self-stabilize. Many wines use clarifiers like egg white, gelatin, and fish bladder to clear out particles

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Facts Makes
a Difference
The Best!

I order this wine by the case. It's absolutely delicious - crisp, not too sweet. I have a bottle in my fridge at all times. I's just a plus that this is lower calories and less sugar than all other Prosecco's!

— Nicole W.

It was a very nice experience. The Prosecco was light and bubbly. I often get a headache after drinking sparkling wine but with Syltbar I did not.

— Lynn B.
My go-to drink!

Mr. Syltbar is my go-to drink from cocktail hour thru dinner! Its light and refreshing and just a fun happy dry Prosecco that is delightful! I prefer it over Veuve Clicquot which says a lot! The second best part is you never have a headache the next day! Highly recommend! I just wish it was sold in Virginia, but happy when my case arrives at my doorstep! Cheers!

— Kathleen R.
Exceeds all expectations

It was a fabulous experience in every way . Top notch from customer service to quick shipping and Ofcourse a flawless product

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