rench Rose and Prosecco Recommendations | NaplesOnline (Sept 2016)

rench Rose and Prosecco Recommendations | NaplesOnline (Sept 2016)

We've made NaplesOnline's list of authentic French Rosés and Prosecco that truly gives you a taste of Europe. 

This is the month most Europeans head south for well-deserved vacations on the Mediteranean. It is a mass migration of workers seeking relief from Paris' stifling heat, complaining customers, politics and screaming kids. Assuming you aren't in France and your boss is not inclined to close shop for a month, perhaps you can tansport yourself to a Mediterranean beach with a glass of rose. 

Rose in France is as ubiquitous as a baguette. Nearly every restaurant serves it by the glass or carafe and there i sno better pasttime than sitting at an outdoor cafe willing away a summer day over a glass of this special drink. 

Sales of imported rose of $12 or more increased 56 percent in the United States last year, so the drink known for its color and robusst fruit is surpassing other categories. It's about time. 

If you aren't flying to France this summer, here a few a French Roses that will help your imagination: 


French Rose and Prosecco Recommendations

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