Meet Regina Blohm

Meet Regina Blohm

Canvas Rebel interviews Regina Blohm of SYLTBAR to get an in-depth look at what it takes to run a private label in the American Wine Industry. 

Any fun sales or marketing stories?

When we started in 2011,SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco was already at a retail price of $19.99, and typically, the average bottle of Prosecco on the market would sell for $9.99 at retail. Buyers and distributors called us crazy because they didn’t believe that, at this time, any Prosecco could be sold for a high retail price then $15.99 even with all the advantages what we had to offer.

On top of that, they didn’t believe that two Germans would succeed in selling an Italian Prosecco in the US, especially with a bottle label that features a logo with the shape of the Island of Sylt (which is located in Germany) and the logo also kind of looks like a kangaroo. However, in the end, this actually was to our advantage. Our interesting label and outstanding bottle design made us stick out in the market. Another reason we stood out it because our wine is 100% naturally produced, and in turn, naturally very low in sugar.

Even today, we see a pretty large gap between buyers and end consumers when it comes to making the decision about what to purchase. When it comes to Prosecco, buyers mainly care about the profit margin… But we have found that the end consumer really does care about quality! Over the years, end consumers have confirmed the outstanding quality with over 1,000 5-star reviews!

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