Mr Big Product Details

  • Naturally-produced Sparkling Prosecco Brut from Friuli, Italy
  • 100% Glera Grape
  • 49 calories per 6oz glass, very low on carbs (avg. calorie count by glucose level)
  • One double magnum bottle serves 16 glasses 
  • Flavors of pear, golden apple, white peach and lemon
  • Bubbles are delightful and well-balanced
  • Great for Parties and for a special Gift 
  • 11.5% Alcohol Content
  • 3000ml (101.4oz) per bottle (Double Magnum / Jeroboam)
  • Ideal serving temperature: 45-49 °F
Before you open and pour Mr Big, please make sure to chill the bottle for at least 1 day in your fridge. To achieve the perfect serving temperature, Mr Big needs 1 day to cool down. Mr Big’s bottle’s glass is much thicker than the 750 ml SYLTBAR bottle, which is why it takes longer to chill. Keep in mind that this bottle is also handmade. 
We highly recommend keeping Mr Big in a large ice bucket while you are serving. Fill the ice bucket with plenty of ice cubes and cold water to keep Mr Big fresh and chilled. The ideal serving temperature is 47 F. Using the big ice bucket is the key to achieving this temperature, especially while serving, and will ensure that Mr Big stays cold the entire time.