CASHMERE - Cabernet Franc 2019 - Red Wine

This Cabernet Franc, made from 100% Carmenère Grape in Friuli/ Italy is an intense and full-bodied red wine. It is harmonious with round tannins. As luxurious as cashmere feels on our skin, that is how our Cabernet Franc tastes. So soft, you don’t want to miss even one little drop of this luxurious red wine that is rare to find due to this variety’s challenging growth and production process. This item is available exclusively on

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    Cashmere Cabernet Franc Product Details
    • 100% naturally produced Cabernet Franc from Friuli, Italy
    • 100% Carmenère Grape
    • 115 calories per 6 oz glass (avg. calorie count by glucose level)*
    • Fermented for up to 16 months
    • 750ml (23oz) per bottle
    • 13% alcohol content by vol.
    • Consume within 2 days of opening (NO added Sulfites)

    Cabernet Franc Tasting Notes 

    • Full-bodied, intense, harmonious, with round tannins and a well-merged freshness with gentle spicy notes.
    • Very characteristic, pleasant and intense aromas, with a light finish of cinnamon and red berry
    • Well-balanced range of fruity, vegetal and spice sensations
    • Food pairings: cold meat, roasted red meat, cheese, beef burger, meatballs
    • Ideal serving temperature: 68-71.6 °F.


    *Fines wines have more alcohol content, which is why it has more calories compared to SYLTBAR Sparkling Wines (11.5% alcohol content by vol.)

    Why is SYLTBAR Wine very low on sugar and sulfites?

    All SYLTBAR wines are time – honored with the value of a long fermentation. The grape has time to develop to the full ripeness. Other Brands like to skip the long fermentation process (time is money) and they have to use much more sugar to make the wine taste full. A set of actions has always guided our wine producer with maximum respect of health for human beings

    Very Low Sulfite Wine

    Sulfites are a natural by-product of the fermentation process that act as a preservative against certain bacteria. A short fermentation process doesn’t produce enough sulfites to preserve a wine for more than a few weeks, which is why added sulfites become necessary. Wine ranges from about 5ppm (5 parts per million) to about 250ppm/L. The legal limit in the US is 350ppm g/L. We are transparent, that is why you will find the filling date on our Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR bottles.

    SYLTBAR is Vegan, Organic, Green Project Certified

    Vegan Wines

    The majority of wines are not vegan or even vegetarian friendly. All wines are cloudy and contain microscopic molecules. Our wines stay in the tank long enough to self-stabilize with the slow sedimentation of these particles. 95% of the wines contain clarifiers like egg white, gelatin and fish bladder to clear out those particles. Time is so essential for a 100% natural produced wine.

    Organic / Green Project

    SYLTBAR wines are much more than simply Organic. The Green Project is a set of actions, behaviors and procedures that have been put in place to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our business, respecting the existing territorial balance. “Social responsibility” has always guided our wine producer with maximum respect for the communities in which the winery operates. 100% no Additives

    I order this wine by the case. It's absolutely delicious - crisp, not too sweet. I have a bottle in my fridge at all times. I's just a plus that this is lower calories and less sugar than all other Prosecco's!

    Nothing Added, Nothing Removed ...

    Sugar is your Enemy

    The University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute tested sparkling wines and found SYLTBAR has the lowest sugar content.

    Our Extra Effort

    Despite the fact that we are not vegan, our wine is vegan. The majority of wines are not vegan or even vegetarian-friendly.

    Respect for Nature

    The Green Project certification, found on each of our bottles, is a step above organic in respect of Mother Nature.

    Sparkling Wine Sugar Comprasion

    All Essentials

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    I recommend this product

    No Headache!

    I love red wine, but red wine usually doesn’t love me. It’s a common trigger for migraines for me. I tried this because of the low sulfites and I never got a headache and drank the whole bottle. The wine is really flavorful and smooth.

    Rachelle H.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Excellent Red

    I love this wine, my taste buds pick up pepper and chocolate. But regardless, it’s great.

    Silvia S.
    United States United States

    Smooth lush red!

    Enjoyed this smooth fragrant delightful tasting red with a steak dinner. Looking forward to purchasing another bottle! Another hit for Syltbar!

    C.J. Berwick
    United States United States

    Cashmere is it's best description

    A full-bodied, delicious cab franc! A softer type of cabernet sauvignon - cashmere describes it perfectly.

    C.J. Berwick
    United States United States

    Amazing Cabernet Franc

    Syltbar has done it again. This red wine is wonderful, rich and smooth, full bodied, and goes with so many different foods. What a treat!

    Heather M.
    United States United States

    Perfect wine!

    I have been following a ketogenic diet for 2 years. The only time I would cheat, was with red wine. I now finally found the solution to enjoy wine and stay in ketosis! Nothing beats this wine with a beautiful charcuterie platter! It’s a beautiful wine regardless of what diet or lifestyle you were on.

    lisa k.
    United States United States

    Love this red

    Very delicious and full bodied

    Adair S.
    United States United States


    Cheers !! Delightful . Chilled better

    Karleen H.
    United States United States


    Great wine - absolutely delicious! I served it at a dinner and everyone loved it - great with stone crabs!

    Daniele D.

    Great wine at a popular price

    Ottimo vino ad un prezzo popolare

    Jennifer W.

    Cab franc was smooth and good with red meat

    Fruit forward, nice finish, a little spice but not too much. Opens quite nice! We ordered a bunch more so we do love it and love the low sugar. No headache from this clean wine!

    Aoife G.

    This is outstanding, earthy pepper

    This is outstanding, earthy pepper

    John W.

    light and tangy

    Light and tangy blackberry fruits that call out for charcuterie or light meat dishes

    Darren P.

    You can taste the sunshine and how its ripened berries and fruit.

    You can taste the sunshine and how its ripened berries and fruit. A pleasure to drink.

    Karla P.

    wonderful tannings wit flavors of dark fruit and pepper

    Fruity, earthy, aromatic red. Intense color and aroma, wonderful tannings wit flavors of dark fruit and pepper. Medium body

    Filipi D.

    Sweet, juicy and provocative as usual Cabernet Franc

    Sweet, juicy and provocative as usual Cabernet Franc

    J S.

    It is lush, yet smooth... absolutely delightful

    The SYLTBAR Cashmere - Cabernet Franc might easily become one of my husband's and my favorite red wines. It is lush, yet smooth, a bit lighter than a Cabernet Sauvignon, absolutely delightful. We look forward to enjoying more in the future!

    Darya K.

    Love this wine, intense, fruity.

    Love this wine, intense, fruity. Good with pasta and meat

    David P.

    Great tasting!

    It had to try this a second time. You have to open up the wine and decant it first before drinking. It tastes so much better than some of the cabernet frnacs we pay double or triple for. Paired with a great steak, you cannot go wrong.

    Gareth M.

    oung still and lovely strawberry fruit

    Lovely Cab franc, more in a Loire style than Bordeaux. Young still and lovely strawberry fruit