A Truly Low-Cal Prosecco...and It's Actually Good | Naples Daily News (Nov 2015)



   Syltbar is named for a vacation destination island in Germany which is depicted in gold on the bottle.


This column was in the paper the day before Thanksgiving; thus the "standing on the precipice" part. Still, this Syltbar Prosecco is pretty darn good for so few calories.

This is it, people. We stand today on the precipice of the official holiday season which is known the world over for its blatant disregard for diets. Forget moderation. It’s go-big-or-go-home time and it begins with Thanksgiving. There will be office parties, school socials, family gatherings, cookies, cakes, and all manner of savory delights for the next 5-6 weeks. Next to all that food, if you’re lucky, there will be wine.

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