Best Tasting Bubbly? See Seb's Blog's verdict | Seb's Urban Adventures (Apr 2017)

Sarah from Seb's Urban Adventures joined us for our Blind Bubbly Taste Test. Who did she vote for and what did she think? Let's find out: 

seb's prosecco taste test

If anyone has known me for awhile, they will know that I love two things besides real estate: writing and, well….anything bubbly, especially champagne. Naturally, I was beyond delighted when my good friend and past blog partner Seb sent me a very interesting invite and asked me to go to an event/tasting on his behalf to contribute to his blog.  The invite was for a Bubbly Taste Test in Brickell (one of Miami’s hottest downtown areas) at the Conrad Hotel. The event/tasting was hosted by SYLTBAR, a premium prosecco and sparkling rose brand.

When I arrived to the semi-private event at the Conrad’s rooftop terrace, I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt at ease although I came alone. Claus Blohm was beyond friendly and immediately offered me a seat their table which was full of delicious appetizers. As I socialized with other “blind bubbly tasters”, he poured two glasses of bubbly without telling me what he was serving me; instead, he just asked me to provide feedback on the provided paper.  See how this Taste Test unfolds on Seb's Blog.