[PRESS] Gina Drinks: Dieting and wine CAN coexist, with moderation

Can you drink while you diet? Gina Drink shares the following article about how you can still drink wine while you're trying to eat healthy and diet. 

An excerpt from the article is provided below: 

Sugar is frequently added to Champagne and other sparkling wines for fermentation to create the bubbles. Calories can range anywhere from 120 to 175 for a 5 ounce pour of sparkling wines, and who wants just one pour? Brut zero or brut nature on the label indicates very little sugar was added.

Prosecco, Italian bubbles, is made in a different method and uses less sugar.

SYLTBAR Prosecco is fermented for four months with no added sugar, keeping the calorie count surprisingly low: 49 for the premium, 63 for the rosé. Both are fresh and crisp. The Premuim Prosecco ($20) has flavors of apples, citrus and peach, while the rosé ($23) is a little more substantial with citrus and cherry.

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