The Restaurant Diet | SYLTBAR Book Feature

The Restaurant Diet | SYLTBAR Book Feature

The Restaurant Diet

Excerpt: The Low-Cal Sparkling Wine

One of my favorite sparkling wines is SYLTBAR Prosecco from Italy. Due to the natural double fermentation process, it contains less than half the number of calories in SYLTBAR's Prosecco than in other brands of Prosecco, champagne, or sparkling wines, and tastes as good as, if not better than, other brands of Prosecco It's a "light" beverage, if you will, that wasn't event designed to be a light beverage. They make a regular brut variety, as well as a rose, which are currently available at fine restaurants and retailers in a handful of states, including Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, Nevada, and New York and may also be ordered online. If you enjoy bubbles, minus the guilt, it is worth looking for ( Whether you choose to enjoy a glass of wine, or prefer a different kind of cocktail, limit it to one drink per day with dinner in Phase One. 

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