Twelve Days of Thanksgiving Guests and a wine list to satisfy everyone's style | Grandeur Magazine - The Food Issue (Nov 2016)

SYLTBAR is featured in The Grandeur Magazine's Nov 2016 Issue - The Food Issue in "Twelve Days of Thanksgiving Guests... and a wine list to satisfy everyone's style."

julie and gina feature syltbar prosecco for 12 days of holidays article


The constant dieter:
There is always that one aunt, cousin or in-law whose size-two physique requires low-cal, low-fat, low-taste everything. And if there’s anyone who could use a glass or two to loosen up, he/she is the one! So pour the great-tasting, lower-calorie Prosecco from Syltbar. It has 49 calories per glass compared to the 80 you’ll find in other sparkling wines. It’s also vegan, low in carbs and has no added sulphates. No excuses not to enjoy this one! ($20 range)

Check out the complete list in Grandeur Magazine's digital version on page 42.