YOU NEED TO TRY SYLTBAR! | The Glam Mom (Oct 2017)

glam mom - prosecco

Michelle from The Glam Mom covers our Chicago Blind Tasting Event. Here's a sneak peek at what she thought of SYLTBAR. 

"I enjoyed several glasses of SYLTBAR while we were at Carmine's, and I didn't feel tipsy at all! And I'm a LIGHTWEIGHT!!! Give me a few sips of vodka and I can't turn my head without feeling dizzy. But this was an enjoyable, cold, bubbly, tasty drink and I really enjoyed it!

Probably the biggest bonus of SYLTBAR is the price - $20/bottle!!! Can't really beat that!

I definitely recommend this prosecco if you're looking for something new to try! You can try it out at THESE restaurants around the country and you can even buy it ONLINE."