Chef Ajesh with background of pao bhaaji

Chef Ajesh: Pairs Pao Bhaaji with SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco

We've asked friend, chef and fellow wine lover, Ajesh Deshpande to share some his favorite recipes from this childhood. Over our series, Ajesh will pair each of SYLTBAR's naturally produced wines with authentic Indian Recipes. Whether it's a taste of home for you - or a completely new adventure - we're sure you'll fall in love with these authentic flavors (especially when paired with natural wines.) 

First up - he pairs our bestseller - Mr SYLTBAR with Pao Baahji

On a hot summer day, pounding down an ice cold 'limca' was the only logical beverage option to pair with pao bhaaji. Though it's not sugary, SYLTBAR's premium prosecco pairs wonderfully with a dish like this. The tiny bubbles cut through perfectly through the rich and buttery bhaaji (pao bhaaji is notorious for being LOADED with butter. Seriously, if you look up some of the videos of these guys making it, it'll clog your arteries...but so worth it).

Make your own Pao with this bonus recipe.  Interested in tasting Chef Ajesh's meals? Check out the Meet Resident website.

Want to order Mr SYLTBAR for your next meal? Orders placed before 10AM ship the same day (with free shipping over $200.)

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