How to easily create a healthy Muesli with SYLTBAR

How to easily create a healthy Muesli with SYLTBAR

Muesli checks all the boxes of a perfect weekday breakfast, but not only for it. Also as a little snack during the day it is perfect, instead of consuming heavy sweets. The good thing is that you can prepare it in advance. It’s packed with whole grains, fiber, protein, and antioxidants; and it’s extremely versatile, both in how you make and eat it. We like to make a little batch over the weekend which lasts throughout 2 days, because then its taste stays fresh. This also guarantees that the fruits keep being fresh and also all nutritions which your body needs to remain its power. It speeds up your mornings, is toasty, nutty, chewy and truly satisfying.

Although today one can buy bags or Muesli boxes at the grocery stores, we prefer to prepare and make it fresh at home, which allows us to customize the ingredients and keep the sugar content to a minimum. In the end we don’t trust the content of most US package labels and very often we also don’t understand it. They are labeled in a very confusing way and you need to be an expert to understand the description of its ingredients. After playing around with a few different versions we came up with the ideal formula for every time perfect Muesli. The best way it works is to have any ingredients you choose to mix and match. Remember we also don’t use dried fruits because it contains a lot of added sugar. Therefore make sure to just use fresh fruits. Any of the below listed suggested ingredients can be swapped into the recipe at the bottom of the page.

In case we use a secondary variation of our Muesli in the late afternoon we give ourselves an extra treat to enjoy it with a glass of our SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco called the Mr. Perfect Pair. Mr is so delightful that one can still taste a fruitful Muesli on top of it.

Mr SYLTBAR is not just another Prosecco because it is not sweet but fruitful forward and its bubbles are like tiny little dancing Ballerinas. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to drink SYLTBAR. Only 49 calories per glass, we can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t enjoy it during your Muesli time.

Compare SYLTBAR with your favorite Sparkling Wine and decide which one you like better. SYLTBAR is a 100% Naturally-produced Prosecco from Friuli, Italy. It is made from 100% Glera Grapes and the flavors are Pear, Golden Apple, White Peach and Lemon. The Alcohol Content is only 11.5% and Mr SYLTBAR will make it easy for you to finish the day with a smile on your face and with lots of power after having finished your lunch break. We recommend that you use our favorite SYLTBAR bottle stopper to save the remaining part in the bottle for the following day. Your SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco should never be wasted. Keep open bottles of your favorite SYLTBAR bubbly fresh and fizzy for up to 5 days by using the ingenious SYLTBAR bottle stopper. Simply slide on the cap and clip it in place. When you’re ready to enjoy your next glass, just pop the stopper to open the bottle. It’s that easy.


Of course Muesli can also be enjoyed in 1000 different ways of preparations. So share your recipe how you eat your favorite Muesli to stay strong and in shape during the day. For toping we prefer homemade honey of Bee Raw which is an amazing hand made one. On top of it this company is protecting the bees in a very essential ways these days. We do love this company because they are going hand in hand with mother nature like SYLTBAR does too:

Once you’ve tried the basics, you will stay away from snacks, energy bars, sugary smoothie’s or nut butter toast which is even worse.


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