5 Wedding Trends We’re Excited to See in 2023

5 Wedding Trends We’re Excited to See in 2023

What Are the Top 2023 Wedding Trends?

What’s not to love about wedding season? Weddings are all about love and happiness, bringing friends and family together to share in this most incredible and special time in a couple’s life, and of course, having a good time!

Mr and Mrs absolutely love being invited to weddings — and why wouldn’t someone want them there? After all, bubbly is the best choice for any celebration (although we always say, you don’t need a special occasion to pop open a bottle of SYLTBAR, Your Happy, Healthy Daily Juice).

The wedding industry sees a lot of trends come and go every year. Some do stand the test of time, while others phase out. According to Vogue, these wedding trends are not making their way into the 2023 season: wedding hashtags, uniform bridesmaid dresses, welcome bags for guests, and signature cocktails. Instead of having “His and Hers” signature drinks, there is more of an emphasis on the overall drink experience — and for that trend, Mr and Mrs are perfect!

How to Plan a Wedding in 2023

Another 2023 wedding trend has to do with the size of the wedding itself. This year, we expect to see a lot more small, intimate gatherings. This year, couples are stressing less about planning huge, extravagant weddings and focusing more on the things that matter most.

People are catching onto the “less is more” concept, opting for higher quality instead of quantity. Invite only your closest loved ones to be part of this magical moment — no need to invite every single person you socialize with. Having a smaller reception allows you more time and money to focus on making it the absolute best day possible with the people who mean the most to you.

A smaller gathering means you can pay attention to the details, and spring for more elaborate and unique dishes, and high quality wine, like SYLTBAR. Serve Mr Premium Prosecco and Mrs Sparkling Rosé during your cocktail hour, and pair dinner with our four fine wines. You can’t go wrong!

We are seeing more and more weddings that last way longer than just the ceremony and reception. Couples are throwing welcome parties the night before the wedding, and late-night after parties after the reception. Welcome parties are especially popular during destination weddings as a way for everyone to get together and mingle before the actual wedding. This gives the Bride and Groom a chance to talk to all of their guests, because that can be overwhelming to do on the big day. As for the late-night shindigs? Well, that’s just a great excuse to continue the fun all night long!

What Are The 2023 Wedding Color Trends?

Color has been on the rise in the wedding world, and it will especially be seen this year. Gone are the days of simple white, gold, silver and more neutral decor. Couples are embracing color more than ever, especially when it comes to floral arrangements and table decor.

It’s the bridal parties, however, where color is becoming a real focal point. Brides are no longer opting for uniform bridesmaids dresses (as Vogue confirmed) and are instead allowing their girls to wear multiple different colors. It might be the same style dress in all different colors, or all different shades of the same color. Wedding guests are also getting more daring with color — and some couples are even requesting that their guests all wear the same shade for a more cohesive look in photos and videos.

As for brides? Well, let’s just say we won’t be surprised if we see more not-white wedding dresses walking down the aisle this year.

Are Charcuterie Boards Good for Weddings?

Grazing tables and charcuterie boards have become a huge trend — not only for weddings, but pretty much all special occasion celebrations. The idea behind a charcuterie display or grazing table is that it allows guests to pick from a variety of different items, and come back for more whenever they please. Some weddings may put charcuterie boards on each of the tables for guests to snack on throughout the reception, or they may opt for a larger grazing table, which usually takes up an entire long table and incorporates a much more diverse amount of food.

This is a great option to have during the cocktail hour. It eliminates the need for servers to pass appetizers and gives guests more to choose from. Grazing tables are always beautifully presented, so it has a stunning visual effect too.

Should I Do a Champagne Tower at My Wedding?

What goes best with cheese and charcuterie? Bubbles! That leads us to the last of our top five wedding trends that we are excited to see this year: Champagne and Prosecco towers! We love this trend because it really is something memorable. It looks impressive, adds glitz and glamor to the soiree, and is a fantastic way to serve bubbly to guests before a toast to the Bride and Groom.

To build your Champagne or Prosecco tower, you need to first decide how many tiers you want to include and figure out the number of glasses needed. The bottom tier has the most glasses, and then you strategically build upward until there is one glass at the top.

Make sure you have a sturdy, flat surface to build the tower and enough space surrounding it just in case it does fall. You can pre-fill the glasses before stacking, or, for a more grandiose presentation, have the Bride and Groom pour a bottle of bubbly into the top glass and let it trickle down and fill the rest of the glasses.

What Are The Best Champagne Tower Glasses

Flutes are not ideal for a tower because of the narrow, tall shape. Besides, we do not recommend flutes for drinking Champagne and Prosecco anyway. You need a glass with a wider rim, like a coupe or a white wine glass, to enhance the flavors and aromas.

The recommended glassware to use for a Champagne or Prosecco Tower is a coupe, which is short and wide, making them sturdy enough to stack high without worrying that they will topple over. Fill your coupe glasses with Champagne or Prosecco for a traditional look, or opt for Sparkling Rosé to add a pop of color. You can also enhance your tower by using beautiful, detailed glassware.

SYLTBAR loves wedding season! If you are planning a wedding, we would love to be there for your special day. Contact us about ordering SYLTBAR for your wedding, whether it be for the bridal party during hair and makeup time, for a welcome party, after party or the reception, we are here for you.



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