Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Also Matters For Wine

Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Also Matters For Wine

What is ABV in Wine?

ABV stands for Alcohol By Volume. It represents the percentage of ethanol in beverages by its volume. Beer has the lowest ABV of all three which is about 5 percent followed by wine with about 12 percent. Some States in the US measure ABV in a different way due to its individual legal regulations. They rather measure alcohol by weight and not by volume. So the Alcohol by weight is about 3.2% which is approximately an alcohol by weight of 4%.

The ABV can have an impact on your physical and psychological state which means the more alcohol you consume the earlier one gets drunk and in bad shape. Of course there is big difference if you consume a beer compared to a glass of hard liquor and therefore we would like to explain the ABV differences between liquor, beer and wine.

The hangover which a lot of alcohol consumers suffer from originates from their body reaction to Ethanol. They suffer withdrawals because their liver cleans out from Toxin which is Ethanol. The first typical sign of too much alcohol are slurred speech which is often followed by fainting sensations in your arms and legs. Too much of alcohol also causes a feeling of numbness and it can lead to shrinking your brain which consequences a short-term memory.

Low Alcohol (ABV) Wines

Therefore we have a healthy and well-selected solution for all of you wine lovers. Have you ever tried a red wine which only contains 13% alcohol ? This is our SYLTBAR Cabernet Franc. Or how about our Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé ( 11.5% alcohol content ) ? Drinking lower alcohol SYLTBAR wine is a completely different experience compared to the wines to which you may be used to. Alcohol levels in the commercial wine industry have been increasing for years. If you would go to a retail store you’ll probably see a lot of wines at a 14 and 15% alcohol level. Even though higher alcohol content negatively impacts your health ( such as disrupting sleep ), the modern wine industry believes that it is good business. The reality is that it is addictive and causes you to drink more. That’s why we drink and recommend low alcohol and pure naturally produced wine for which SYLTBAR.

Because of the fact that the STATED alcohol on a bottle of wine is not required to be accurate by law, SYLTBAR wines have been certified by an independent enologist who lab tested all of our wines to ensure its accuracy. When you drink a wine of 11.5% ABV and not of 14.5% you will taste the difference right away. Drinking lower alcohol wines will change how you think about wine and you’ll be very surprised about the difference. Tasting is believing which is a new and natural experience.


All sorts of different alcoholic beverages involve a fermentation process which is an important part of its making. The yeast gobbles up the sugar depending on the ingredients you use and it turns into alcohol. You need grains for beer, liquor and grapes for wine. This is how different ABV percentages occur. Let us focus on the wine. The more time the grapes spend on the vines the more sugar they store. This of course will result in a higher percentage of alcohol.

Alcohol and the Brain

It is really important for all wine lovers to understand the difference of standard beverages and alcohol by volume. The reason for it is that the ethyl alcohol chemicals in alcoholic beverages can change the way a person’s brain works. These brain changes can also negatively influence people’s thinking, their feelings and behaviors. This has to do with the way the body processes alcohol. Alcohol passes through our stomach and then enters the bloodstream through the walls of the intestines. We also have to be aware of the fact that alcohol dissolves in water, our bloodstream then carries it through the body where it is absorbed into tissue and organs high in water concentration. Our brain is one of it.

There is a very popular belief which we cannot support at all. It is not correct that our body can get rid of alcoholic chemicals by vomiting or sweating. Drinking lots of water or coffee does not help too. The only way to become a sober person is to wait for a certain period of time. It takes about an hour to metabolize the chemicals of a standard alcoholic beverage ( for example 12 oz of beer, 2 oz of hard liquor and 5 oz of wine ).

A problem is that ethyl alcohol chemicals interrupt normal brain functioning. Persons slur words and do not think about speed limits while driving. This is caused by the fact that they braking reflexes are delayed and their visions are often blurred.

We also have to be aware of the fact that alcohol does not metabolize in the same way to two different persons. Alcohol consumers who weigh more have less alcohol concentration in their body compared to the one who weighs less. Then of course there is additional variables which we should keep in mind too. Lack of sleep, stress, mental and physical illness plus taking medication can lead to slower metabolization of alcohol.

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