Avaline Red Blend vs SYLTBAR Cashmere

Avaline Red Blend vs SYLTBAR Cashmere

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Shaina Wizov is the founder of South Florida blog, Take A Bite Out of Boca. She is an avid wine drinker with a passion for all things bubbly! In September 2019, she traveled to Northern Italy to increase her knowledge about wine and continues to educate herself regularly. Shaina is a social media influencer and content creator, working with various clients in food and beverage, fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle. You can find her on Instagram at @takeabiteoutofboca.


It’s time for another SYLTBAR wine comparison!  

We’ve introduced you to actress Cameron Diaz’s organic wine brand Avaline before, when we looked at its sparkling wine versus Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco. We have also discussed America’s blatant obsession with celebrity-owned wine and alcohol brands. Having a well known name behind the brand does not automatically make it better than another one. It simply just makes it more marketable — but it takes more than a familiar face to produce a good product.

Who makes Avaline Wine? 

The Avaline brand describes itself as “delicious, organically farmed wines full of natural goodness and free from unwanted and undisclosed extras.”  It was created by friends Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, and holds many of the same standards as SYLTBAR: transparency, no additives, very little sugar, sustainability, etc.

But there is a difference in the production process. SYLTBAR is committed to one, family-owned vineyard, San Simone, which has been in the wine industry for over a hundred years. This allows SYLTBAR to maintain much more control over the quality and consistency of the product.  Our winery is listed on every single bottle of Prosecco, Sparkling Rosé and fine wines. Avaline has wines coming from many different producers, so there is no vineyard labeled on the bottles, just the general country of origin.

Red Blend vs Cashmere Cabernet Franc

Like SYLTBAR, Avaline has a small portfolio of wines. Today we are going to compare the red blend to our very own Cashmere Cabernet Franc. Off the bat, there is one big difference between these two red wines: the grape. SYLTBAR’s Cashmere is made with 100% Carmenère, however, Avaline uses a blend of Grenache and Syrah.

Cashmere - Carmenere Grapes

Avaline Red Blend Tasting Notes

Avaline describes the red blend’s tasting notes as medium bodied with hints of cherry and a touch of spice. Cashmere too gives off cinnamon spice and red berries, but it is much more full bodied and therefore feels a lot smoother and more luscious on the palette.

Avaline Red Blend Nutrition Facts

Avaline Nutrition Labels

Now let’s look at the numbers. Avaline red blend is 14.3% ABV, compared to Cashmere which is 13%. As we have learned, the higher the alcohol level, the higher the calories. A 6 ounce glass of Cashmere is 115 calories, and yes, Avaline is higher: 129 calories per 5 ounces. If you do the math and increase that to 6 ounces, it comes 154.8 calories — a significant difference. There is a difference in the amount of carbohydrates as well: 0.75 grams per 6 ounces for Cashmere, and 3.9 grams per 5 ounces in Avaline, or 4.68 in 6 ounces.

Added Sulfites in Avaline wine

Avaline also notes that its red blend contains a small amount of cream of tartar to accelerate stabilization and has 42ppm of sulfites. The website goes on to say: “While wine can legally have up to 350ppm of sulfites, we add just enough to ensure our wines taste consistently delicious, always keeping the total amount to under 100ppm, which is below the regulation for wines made with organic grapes.” So, they are adding extra sulfites for flavor, meaning that the fermentation process was not long enough to allow the grapes to reach their full potential. 

SYLTBAR wines go through a fermentation process that lasts up to 16 months, and the producers never add anything to it — no sulfites, no sweeteners, no chemicals. It is pure, natural wine made 100% from grapes and nothing else. SYLTBAR also promises that its wines are low in sulfites, with an average of only 26-29ppm. This is a game changer for many people who find that added sulfites cause headaches, skin issues, or other commonly experienced symptoms.

Shaina's Pick 

So when it comes down to the numbers, the obvious choice is Cashmere! We never want to discourage wine lovers from tasting any wine that they are curious about, but we also like to give you some notes to use while you are tasting.

A wine produced by 100% Carmenère grape is rare to find. If you love red wine, we just know you will be thrilled with the intensely rich, deep flavors and aromas that Cashmere provides. If SYLTBAR Cashmere Cabernet Franc is calling your name by the end of reading this blog, visit our online store and give it a try.

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