Avaline Rose vs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose

Avaline Rose vs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose

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 We’re back with another Avaline versus SYLTBAR comparison, this time tasting Avaline’s rosé wine next to our Mrs Sparkling Rosé.

Sparkling Rose vs Regular Rose 

Yes, this is a still versus sparkling comparison, so there are going to be a lot of differences. The biggest difference between the two wines is obvious: the bubbles! While both wines go through a fermentation process, sparkling wines go through a secondary fermentation process which creates carbon dioxide in the wine and that results in bubbles.

Sparkling wine needs a secondary fermentation process

The length of that secondary fermentation process makes all the difference in the amount of sulfites in the wine, the size and appearance of the bubbles, and its overall taste, especially when it comes to sweetness and sugar content. Some winemakers stop short in order to save time and money, but that short fermentation process does not allow for enough time to produce enough sulfites to preserve the wine for more than a few weeks — which severely affects the potential to sell wine across the country! In those cases, winemakers add extra sulfites as a preservative, and usually, they also add extra sugar to enhance the flavor.

But not all producers do this to their sparkling wines. SYLTBAR never adds extra sulfites or sweeteners to its wine. It allows the secondary fermentation process to last long enough to produce the natural sulfites needed for a normal shelf life while still closed, but take note that no added sulfites means that our wines should be drunk within 5 days of opening the bottle. The producers of SYLTBAR are always transparent and include the filling date on each and every bottle of Mr and Mrs.

Avaline Rose Review

So now that you understand what makes a sparkling wine bubbly, let’s talk about how Avaline’s rosé lives up to the taste test. As you know, Avaline was created by two friends: actress Cameron Diaz and fashion maven Katherine Power.

The brand holds many of the same standards as SYLTBAR, such as transparency, no additives, very little sugar, and sustainability. It differs in that it works with a variety of different producers, so each of their wines are made with grapes from different vineyards from all over the world.

What does Bottled By on Wine Mean? 

For example, according to the website, the rosé they use comes from a winery in Provence, France run by the Negrel family. One thing to note about this is how it’s labeled on the bottle. The label on the “Product of France. Bottled by EMB 83023E for Famille Negrel.” What does this mean? EMB stands for Environment Management Bureau, which means the wine comes from an office and is produced for the Famille Negrel’s business, and then they can distribute to other brands, such as Avaline.

SYLTBAR works with just one winery, the family-owned-and-operated San Simone, that has been in the industry for over a hundred years. Working with one winery instead of a multiple is better because it allows for more control over the quality and consistency of the product.

Let’s continue with the differences.

Blends vs Singe Grape Wines 

Avaline’s rosé is made with a blend of organic grapes in the Provence region of France. The blend includes Grenach, Cinsault, Caladoc, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Mrs is only made with one grape from Friuli, Italy: 100% Merlot.

Avaline’s rosé is light and fresh — not too sweet at all, and makes for easy drinking. Its tasting notes are described as melon and zest, whereas Mrs is more on the fruitier side with notes of pomegranate and lychee. Fruity does not mean sweet though. Mrs is also light, fresh and elegant. Never too sweet.

Nutrition in Rose Wines 

Now let’s look at the numbers. You already know the amazing nutritional facts behind the SYLTBAR brand. We consider 6 ounces to be a serving — so a 6 ounce glass of Mrs is only 63 calories by glucose level, whereas a 5 ounce serving of Avaline rosé is 107, which calculates to 128.4 calories for 6 ounces. That’s just about DOUBLE the calories of Mrs!

Avaline Wine Nutrition vs SYLTBAR Wine

Now, Avaline rosé is also 12.6% abv compared to Mrs, which is only 11.5%. More alcohol content of course means more calories, so that is the main reason behind the jump in calorie count between the two wines.

Avaline rosé also contains cream of tartar as a stabilizer, and has 85ppm of sulfites. The website does state that they had “just enough” sulfites for a consistent taste, but always keep the total to under 100ppm. Wine can legally have up to 350ppm of sulfites. Like we said earlier, SYLTBAR never adds any extra sulfites or additives to its wine. The wine is made with grapes and nothing else! SYLTBAR promises a very low number of sulfites in each of its wines, an average of only 26-29ppm. Avaline rosé has three times that amount.

Low Sulfite Wine

If you are someone who gets headaches or allergies after drinking wine, there is a chance it could be due to the amount of sulfites. We suggest trying SYLTBAR wines to see if you feel better — and we bet you will!

This is a hard comparison to make because truthfully, these two wines are very different. Still versus sparkling. But it is interesting to see all the different kinds of grapes used for Avaline rosé compared to just one variety used to make Mrs. The blend of grapes allows for more complexity, but sometimes you don’t need all of that complexity to make a good wine. You just need something pure and simple, and that is exactly what you get when you drink SYLTBAR.

Rosé is still having its moment in the spotlight and Mrs is loving it. If you haven’t tried SYLTBAR Mrs Sparkling Rosé yet, now is the time. Visit our online store to order, or look for a local retailer near you that sells our wine.

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