Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with SYLTBAR Wines

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with SYLTBAR Wines

Happy Earth Day! Today is the perfect time to share these brand standards with you, our trusted and loyal customers, and tell you all about the environmentally friendly practices we follow. Just as we are transparent in how our wine is produced 100% naturally with nothing added and nothing removed, we are also transparent in how we package our wines in eco-friendly ways.

SYLTBAR Wines follow the Green Project Guidelines

Honoring and protecting the environment is one of the core characteristics of our wine producer, as well as SYLTBAR. We are a certified member of the Italian Green Project, which provides a set of actions, behaviors, and procedures that have been put in place to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our business, respecting the existing territorial balance. Our wine producers have always believed that we, as human beings, have a social responsibility to respect the environment in our communities — and we strive to always behave this way.

Shipping bottles of wine can be very expensive. The bottles are heavy, the glass can break in transit, and what’s inside of the bottles is treasured. We never want to run the risk of there being damage to our shipping boxes in any way, but we also do not want to run the risk of our shipping boxes being harmful to the environment. We need products that are good quality, yet still maintain a level of positive impact on the environment.

How to Recycle SYLTBAR Shipping Materials 

This is why we choose to use molded pulp trays, which are typically made from recycled paper or natural fibers like bamboo or sugarcane, and corrugated boxes for shipping SYLTBAR wines. Corrugated boxes differ from traditional cardboard boxes in that they are much more structured and durable, made using cardboard box products. Cardboard boxes are really just like thick paper — they do not provide nearly as much protection as a corrugated box. Examples of cardboard boxes include packaged foods like cereals or snack bars, shoe boxes, and the like. These are definitely not durable enough to support a case of wine!

There are many benefits to using these particular types of packaging materials. For one, since they are 100% recyclable, made from recycled paper and boxes, it saves both energy and resources. In addition, both products are fully recyclable, whether it be through curbside collection or back to the source for re-use.

Corrugated boxes and molded pulp trays are also biodegradable. That means they will completely disintegrate once discarded, as opposed to EPS and other foams that remain for hundreds of years. These materials are also made using renewable resources. Unlike petroleum-based EPS and plastic resins, newsprint paper and corrugated materials are renewable raw materials.

Wine Shipping Material that is European Green Dot Compliant

These materials are European Green Dot Compliant, which refers to a recognized symbol in Europe that shows a financial contribution to a national packaging recovery company established in accordance with the European Packaging Directive for packaging waste and national law, according to Green Dot North America. Having this trademark broadens our market to European customers.

Corrugated boxes and molded pulp trays conforms to ISO 14000 Standards, which is very appealing to strict requirements of ISO-compliant purchasers. Additionally, both of these packaging materials are compostable, which appeals to the broadest spectrum of consumers.

recycle SYLTBAR wine bottles correctly

Recycle Glass Wine Bottle

Not only is our wine packaging recyclable, but so are the bottles! SYLTBAR wine bottles are made completely of glass, so yes, they are recyclable. We recommend rinsing the bottles before you add it to your recycle bin, so you don't contaminate other items. However, we believe there is probably not even a drop of SYLTBAR left if the bottle anyway!

Did you know you can recycle SYLTBAR Wine corks?

SYLTBAR wine are sealed with all natural wine corks, not plastic or simulated corks - that means they are totally recyclable! We recommend dropping your used corks off at your local Whole Foods or Total Wine locations! If you don't have a grocery chain near you that accepts wine corks, we recommend checking out the Recork website to find a local business who will accept your corks. 

Up-cycle your Wine Corks!

Wine corks are all natural and durable, which makes them great for repurposing. Country Magazine offers 26 wine cork crafts for your next girls' night in. If crafting is not quite up your alley, we love these wine cork displays from Wine Enthusiast!  

When you shop with SYLTBAR, you can breathe easy knowing that you are promoting sustainable, eco-friendly practices. We should be conscious about the environment not only during Earth Day, but every single day of the year. Visit syltbar.com to shop for 100% naturally produced wine, shipped in durable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

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