Decadent Delights, Guilt-Free Sips: Indulge with SYLTBAR’s Low-Calorie and Low-Sugar Wines

Decadent Delights, Guilt-Free Sips: Indulge with SYLTBAR’s Low-Calorie and Low-Sugar Wines

In recent years, the wine industry has witnessed a remarkable shift in consumer preferences. An increasing number of people are seeking healthier lifestyle choices, but they don’t want to give up the things they love — especially wine.

As people become more health-conscious, the demand for low-calorie and low-sugar options has soared, leading to the emergence of a new trend in the wine market.

But the thing is… it was never a “trend” for SYLTBAR. Our winery in Friuli, Italy did not make their wines low calorie and low sugar to be part of a trend; it happened naturally due to their environmentally conscious winemaking practices, commitment to nature, purity and never adding sulfites, sweeteners or chemicals to their wine. Our winery, San Simone — which you can see on our bottles — was founded almost 108 years ago and has invested years into the business to be independent and 100% natural producers.

SYLTBAR has been a low-calorie and low-sugar wine before this became popular, and that is what makes our brand so authentic and true to its word because of the winery's history.

The Allure of Low-Calorie and Low-Sugar Wine

With wellness and balanced living becoming a top priority for many, the appeal of low-calorie and low-sugar wines is undeniable. Traditionally, wines have been known to contain significant amounts of both calories and sugars, which can impact one's overall health and weight management goals. By opting for wines with reduced calorie and sugar content, consumers can enjoy their favorite libations without compromising their well-being.

SYLTBAR offers six different wine options, all of which are lower in sugar and calories than other varieties you see on retail shelves and restaurant menus.

Let’s look at the calorie count of our sparkling wines, for example. Mr Premium Prosecco is 49 calories per 6 oz. glass and Mrs Sparkling Rosé is 63 calories per 6 oz. glass. Compared to other wine varieties, these are the lowest numbers you will ever see. Keeping with the same 6 oz. serving size, a typical glass of Prosecco is about 120 calories, Champagne and white wine around 140 calories, and red wine can be as much as 180 calories.

The sugar count is just as impressive. Mr and Mrs have both been lab-tested by the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute and proven to have the lowest sugar content when compared to many other sparkling wine brands. Both Mr and Mrs have less than half a gram of sugar per 6 oz. glass.

Winemaking Techniques for Guilt-Free Enjoyment

Creating low-calorie and low-sugar wines is no simple task. Winemakers have employed innovative techniques to craft wines that retain their delightful flavors while minimizing calorie and sugar levels. One such method involves harvesting grapes at specific ripeness levels, allowing for a naturally lower sugar concentration. The grapes used for SYLTBAR wines are always given enough time to reach their full ripeness.

Fermentation processes play a crucial role in reducing residual sugars in the final product. All SYLTBAR wines go through a long fermentation process, whereas other brands skip this process in order to save time and money. In these cases, these brands add more sugar to make the wine tasteful, because the grapes weren’t given enough time to develop their full aromas.

Benefits of Low-Calorie and Low-Sugar Wines

Beyond the obvious allure of consuming fewer calories and sugars, low-calorie and low-sugar wines may offer additional health benefits. Opting for low-calorie and low-sugar wines can have a positive effect on weight management, blood sugar levels, and overall well-being. While enjoying a glass of wine, you can feel more confident in their choice, knowing that you are making a health-conscious decision, but don’t have to give up drinking wine and enjoying life.

Even though a wine is low on calories and sugar content does not mean it is low on taste, especially not when it comes to SYLTBAR. Because our grapes reach full ripeness, they maintain all of that juicy, delicious flavor without the need for added sweeteners or sugars.

As the quest for healthier lifestyle choices continues to shape consumer preferences, the rise of low-calorie and low-sugar wines is a welcome development in the wine industry. With winemakers embracing innovative techniques and producing a diverse selection of flavorful options, wine enthusiasts can now savor guilt-free indulgence. Whether it's for weight management, overall well-being, or simply the pleasure of sipping a glass of wine without worry, the world of low-calorie and low-sugar wines offers a satisfying and enlightened experience for all wine lovers.

Raise a glass to being able to indulge in SYLTBAR’s low-calorie and low-sugar wine, guilt-free. Shop online at, or look for a retailer near you that sells our wines.

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