Easter Lunch Wine Pairings

Easter Lunch Wine Pairings

With Easter hopping up right around the corner (see what we did there?), we thought it would be a fun idea to share some of our favorite Easter wine pairings to help inspire you as you prepare for your upcoming festivities.

Mr Big is perfect for easter

How to Pair SYLTBAR Wines for Easter

Whether you are celebrating with a brunch, lunch, or dinner with family and friends, there are a lot of wonderful choices to pair with the entire SYLTBAR family! Mr and Mrs would love to be a part of your Easter celebration, as would our fine wine collection: White Linen, Silk, Junior and Cashmere.

Sparkling wines are the perfect Aperitifs

There is no better place to start off your wine pairings than with Mr and Mrs! Mr Premium Prosecco and Mrs Sparkling Rosé are the perfect aperitifs to get the party started. Don’t forget to serve your guests their Mr and Mrs in a white wine glass instead of a flute in order to enhance the flavor and aromas.

To keep Mr and Mrs chilled to the perfect temperature, we also suggest using the SYLTBAR ice bucket, and never leave the bottles open for too long in between pours as the bubbles may fizzle away. Instead, use our SYLTBAR stoppers to keep them fresh!

As the meal begins, bring out the fine wines to pour with the heartier parts of the meal — but don’t put Mr and Mrs away just yet! They always love to participate in dessert.

SYLTBAR Fine Wines for Easter Lunch

Here are some ideas for various recipes you can make that will pair perfectly with our SYLTBAR fine wines. We hope this inspires you to get in the kitchen and create holiday memories with your loved ones! 

White Linen Pinot Grigio and Silk Friulano both pair well with ham, salami, fish, mushroom risotto and artichokes. Ham is a staple for Easter, and the Food Network recently posted 20 Easter Ham recipes for the classic glazed ham. We highly recommend pairing White Linen or Silk with any of these!

Pinot Grigio Wine Pairings with Recipes

We also think White Linen and/or Silk would be great when paired with any of these recipes from our favorite chef, Steffen Hennsler:

Ramato - Orange Wine Pairings with Recipes

Junior Ramato Pinot Grigio pairs beautifully with  prosciutto, salami, shellfish, pasta and white meat. This is the perfect wine to drink while enjoying a charcuterie platter, as it is bold enough to cut through the strong meats and cheeses. We suggest these recipes from Chef Hennsler:

Cabernet Franc Wine Pairings with Recipes

Cashmere Cabernet Franc is the perfect red wine to pair with roasted meat, cheese, burgers and meatballs. Aside from ham, roasted rack of lamb is another staple for Easter. Here is a recipe from Wine Enthusiast that they suggest pairing with a Cabernet Sauvignon, but we think our Cabernet Franc would be just as good, if not better!

Additionally, we suggest these Chef Steffen Hennsler recipes to enjoy with Cashmere:

Bunny rabbit for easter with Sparkling Rose

Sparkling Wine Pairings for Dessert

At this point, keep sipping on the fine wines, or invite Mr and Mrs back out to join the festivities. No Easter meal is complete without dessert, especially something rich and decadent. This chocolate cake from Chef Henssler should do the trick, or if you aren’t in the mood for chocolate, try this cream puff with strawberries. Either of these sweet endings will pair beautifully with SYLTBAR wines and leave your guests full and happy.

If you ever need advice or suggestions for recipes to pair with SYLTBAR wines, our customer service team is happy to help. Don’t ever hesitate to ask! Shop for all of your Easter wine needs online at syltbar.com, or use our locator to find a retailer near you that carries our wines.

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