Fizz and Figure: Brut Prosecco's Carb Countdown

Fizz and Figure: Brut Prosecco's Carb Countdown

We want to take a moment to thank all of our loyal customers — the people who love their Happy Healthy Daily Juice as much as we do. Whether you have been with us from the very beginning stages when we started on this journey, or if you are new to SYLTBAR within the last year, we would not be where we are today without you standing by our side and helping to spread the word about our brand.

Our 100% naturally produced Premium Prosecco, which is also a vegan wine, has become a sensation, charming its way into the hearts of wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike who are enjoying very low sulfites wine. From its effervescent bubbles and crisp taste to its significantly low calorie, sugar and sulfite content, SYLTBAR has earned its place as a favorite for celebrations and everyday indulgences.

Top Ten Reasons to Love SYLTBAR Brut Prosecco

As we welcome in this brand new year, let's raise our glasses and explore the top 10 reasons to fall in love with SYLTBAR Prosecco:

10. Delightful Bubbles: The signature bubbles are its crowning glory. They are like little dancing ballerinas, create a light and playful experience on the palate, making each sip a celebration in itself. Whether you're toasting to achievements or just unwinding after a long day, SYLTBAR’s well-balanced bubbles bring joy to the moment and it’s good to know you can have the perfect wine bottle cap handy to close the bottle when needed. We have the best champagne bottle stopper, made in Italy, that will keep your bubbles fresh for up to 3-4 days for those times when you are only having one glass.

9. Versatility: SYLTBAR Brut Prosecco’s versatility extends beyond the glass. It pairs well with an array of dishes, making it an ideal companion for diverse culinary experiences. From brunch to dinner, it complements a wide range of flavors, enhancing the overall dining experience – any time of day and any time of year.

8. Fruity, Not Sweet: The fruity notes add a delightful dimension to the drinking experience, without being sweet. With hints of pear, golden apple, white peach and lemon, Brut SYLTBAR Prosecco offers a refreshing and palate-pleasing taste that can be enjoyed everyday. Make sure to use a white wine glass, instead of a flute, to allow its full flavors and aromas to shine.

7. Stylish and Chic: The sleek and elegant appearance of the iconic SYLTBAR bottle is enough to make it stand out on any occasion. It is truly a work of art. The presentation adds a touch of sophistication, making it a stylish choice for both intimate gatherings and grand festivities.

6. 100% Naturally Produced: Our producers embrace sustainable and eco-friendly practices. It is organic, but also so much more than that. SYLTBAR is Green Project certified, which means our producers follow a set of actions, behaviors and procedures that have been put in place to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our business, respecting the existing territorial balance. “Social responsibility” has always guided our wine producer with maximum respect for the communities in which the winery operates.

5. Vegan: The majority of wines are not vegan, but SYLTBAR is! Most wine producers cut that stabilization time short in order to save time, and then they use things like egg whites, gelatin and fish bladder to filter the wine before bottling. Our wines stay in the tank long enough to self-stabilize, so there is no need to use animal byproduct for filtration.

4. No Added Sulfites: The average amount of sulfites in most commercial wines is about 150ppm, but SYLTBAR is only 25ppm. We are very transparent about what goes into our wines, and SYLTBAR bottles will always include the fill date so you know you are getting the freshest juice possible. While sulfites are a naturally occurring byproduct of wine making, many other wine brands add sulfites as a preservative to increase the shelf life because they are producing in bulk for mass distribution. Our winery, San Simone, produces in small batches to be able to have control over the quality and consistency of their product. This is why you won’t see SYLTBAR on every store shelf or in every restaurant.

3. Lowest Sugar and Calorie Content: SYLTBAR Prosecco and its counterpart, our Sparkling Rosé, have both been lab-tested by the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute and proven to have the lowest sugar content when compared to many other sparkling wine brands. This is because of the four-month double fermentation process that our winemaker uses during production. That double fermentation is the secret to the low sugar, which also results in lower calories. There is no need for any chemicals or additives because the grapes have been fully developed. SYLTBAR Prosecco is only 49 calories per 6 ounce serving, and Sparkling Rosé is 63 calories per 6 ounce serving. This is why we call SYLTBAR your Happy Healthy Daily Juice!

2. Family-Owned Winery: We work with only one family-owned-and-operated winery in Fruili, Italy that has been producing wine for over a century. Look on the label of other Prosecco brands and you’ll just see a bottle number, or a distribution place. Very rarely do you see the name of an actual winery. Do not confuse a brand name for the winery name; it is not the same! Most commercial brands are manufactured by big corporations, not small family vineyards. Wouldn’t you rather support a small family business that truly cares about their products and their customers and isn’t just out there to make big bucks?

1. Relatable Ownership. We think and feel like customers because we are the customers, not the wine producers. We have been purchasing and drinking this specific Prosecco for over 30 years, and have used all of the knowledge we’ve gotten from our experiences over the years to bring only the best to you.

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