Healthy Memorial Weekend with SYLTBAR

Healthy Memorial Weekend with SYLTBAR


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I love wine. I love drinking it, I love pairing it with meals, and I love sharing it with my friends and family.

What I do not love is the commercialization of the wine industry. I prefer to support growers who farm organically and sustainably. When wine is made the way nature intended, it tastes pure and clean, without the bad side effects like feeling awful the next day.

I’m going to be transparent: with all this Covonavirus madness and trying to work remotely while homeschooling my Kindergartener and second grader, I’ve been drinking a “LITTLE” more wine than usual.

Okay, a lot.

But here’s the thing: I love the taste of SYLTBAR, it has low sugar content and calories, and I have NEVER felt bad the next day after enjoying some (unlike most other wines.) I have been telling EVERYONE about SYLTBAR.

How is SYLTBAR different? It contains very low sugar, is low on sulfites, and it’s vegan. It’s also affordable, with prices ranging from $19.99 to $29.99 per bottle.

Did you know that alcoholic beverages aren’t required to carry nutrition facts labels, so the calories in a bottle of wine can be a mystery.

The amout of calories in wine varies, depending on the type of grape used, how long the wine was fermented, and the amount of sugar added to the product. To help eliminate some of the mystery, the United States Department of Agriculture has come up with an average caloric content for various types of wine.

What is it? Get ready everyone!

  • Red table wine: 125 calories per 5 oz glass, or 625 calories in a bottle.
  • Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon: 122 calories per 5 oz glass, or 610 calories in a bottle.
  • Zinfandel: 129 calories per 5 oz glass, or 605 calories in a bottle.
  • White table wine: 121 calories per 5 oz glass, or 605 calories in a bottle.
  • Riesling: 118 calories per 5 oz glass, or 595 calories in a bottle.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: 119 calories per 5 oz glass, or 595 calories in a bottle.
  • Chardonnay: 123 calories per 5 oz glass, or 615 calories in a bottle.
  • Are you a fan of dessert wine? There is 165 calories per 3.5 oz glass.

One of the reasons SYLTBAR is so great is because it contains less calories!

SYLTBAR fine wines: Cabernet Franc, Pinot Grigio, Friulano, and Pinot Grigio Ramato.

The SYLTBAR Pinot Grigio– available ONLY at the SYLTBAR website- is light, airy and fresh from which its name was inspired. It is 100% naturally produced from Friuli, Italy, and contains only 125 calories per 6 oz glass. (Note the figures above reflecting calorie counts for the average wine are for 5 oz glasses and not 6 like SYLTBAR.)

SYLTBAR’s Friulano is the Sauvignon Blanc of Italy. This white wine is dry, fresh and elegant, with low acidity, balanced by a pleasing roundness and a good structure. There are only 125 calories per 6 oz glass.

The SYLTBAR Cabernet Franc, made from 100% Carmenère Grape , is an intense full bodied red wine, harmonious with round tannins. This is my #1 FAVORITE SYLTBAR wine, which tastes as smooth as cashmere. There are 115 calories per 6 oz glass of Cabernet Franc.

SYLTBAR Junior is the Pinot Grigio traditionally made in the 1970’s style by leaving the Skin on for one night to macerate. Not only does this change the color to apricot, but the wine also has more character than the Pinot Grigio we are used to. It contains more decisive and evolved aromatic notes in a young wine, which is unusual. The people who say “I don’t like Pinot Grigio” should try out Junior. Best of all, there are only 98 calories per 6 oz glass.


Mr. SYLTBAR, otherwise known as Premium Prosecco, is straw-colored with notes of pear, golden apple, and white peach with a hint of lemon. It is comprised of 100% Glera Grape with 49 calories per 6 oz glass. (The entire 23 oz bottle packs just under 200 calories!)

Mrs. SYLTBAR, their Sparkling Rose, is light pink with notes of citrus and lychee. It is made of 100% Merlot Grape and there are 63 calories per 6 oz glass. (The entire bottle contains just under 250 calories!)

Not only does SYLTBAR produce quality wines, but it is also involved in Green Project, which is a set of actions put forward to contribute to the environmental sustainability of their business. “Social liability” has always guided our wine producer, shaping their line of work with maximum respect for the communities in which the winery operates.


Most people don’t realize the bad side effects of commercial wines are caused by toxins added during the farming and manufacturing processes. Most of the wines you are buying in stores are farmed with chemicals like Roundup, irrigated water, and genetically modified yeast. This results in high doses of added sulfites, loads of sugars, and higher alcohol levels.

The U.S. wine industry has spent TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS lobbying politicians to keep contents label off of wine. Manufactures are not required to list their ingredients on the label. Because wine is not regulated by the FDA, wine makers are not required to list their ingredients on the label. This means that a bottle of wine (even the most expensive, highly rated wines) can contain up to 72 “ allowed” additives.

It’s a little known fact that 52% of all the wines manufactured in the U.S. are made by just THREE companies. They hide behind boutique labels, but their wine is manufactured in enormous facilities. Not only are you paying for these additives, but you are also putting these toxins in your body, like mega purple coloring dye, fish bladders (used to filter the juice), and corn syrup.

Rather than support the junk food equivalent of the wine industry, the makers of SYLTBAR decided to travel the world to find and support the natural wine makers. SYLTBAR wine is made the way nature intended. With only healthy grapes and wild yeast, you get a pure wine that doesn’t have the nasty effects (like bloating and headaches.)

Blogger Fine Wine Review

Elle can’t wait to turn 21 so she can enjoy SYLTBAR, too!

You can find MR. and MRS. SYLTBAR (prosecco and sparkling rose) at your local Whole Foods Market, Total Wine & More, Redneck Wine in Tampa, and on their website. Due to limited production, SYLTBAR’s fine wines are available ONLY on their website.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SYLTBAR is grateful to continue offering wines shipped directly and safely to your door with contactless delivery.

I highly encourage all of my wine drinking friends to give SYLTBAR a try.

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