How To Avoid The New Year's Eve Hangover

How To Avoid The New Year's Eve Hangover

What if we told you we could help you avoid that dreaded hangover on New Year’s Day? With SYLTBAR by your side, you can!

Why does alcohol give you hangovers? 

It happens every year. You sip glass after glass of bubbly as you celebrate with friends and family to ring in the new year — maybe even throw back a few cocktails, or crack open a beer or two as well. The drinks are always flowing during the holiday season, and of course at New Year’s Eve parties, but many times people don’t really pay attention to what they are drinking. Most cocktails are high in sugar and calories, and as we have explained to you in other blogs, many mass-produced wine, prosecco and champagne are loaded with added sugars and sulfites. Those extra sweeteners and chemicals are the enemies that cause those hangovers!

What is a hangover?

Let’s back up for a bit. What exactly is a hangover? Basically it refers to the symptoms that occur after drinking too much alcohol. These unpleasant signs typically begin the following morning, even if you’ve gotten a full night’s sleep, because your blood alcohol level drops down. The severity of a hangover ranges from person to person and of course also depends on what you’ve drank and how much of it. Some of the things you may feel during a hangover include fatigue, weakness, headaches, muscle aches, nausea, stomach issues, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, excessive thirst, shakiness, anxiousness, dry mouth, and an inability to concentrate.

Magic pill for hangover? 

Hangovers can have a very negative affect on your everyday life, and can get in the way of being productive. While there is no magic pill to make hangovers never happen in the first place, there are ways to combat them. The most obvious precautions are to drink enough water and make sure you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach, and of course, limiting alcohol intake is the ultimate way to prevent a hangover. However, what also makes a huge difference is what you are drinking.

There is a chemical in alcoholic beverages that is produced during the fermentation process called a ‘congener.’ Congeners enhance flavor, and are a contributor to hangovers. Dark liquor like brandy, whiskey and bourbon have way more congeners than clear liquors like vodka, tequila or gin. So there’s your first tip: when choosing cocktails, stick to clear liquors.

Does wine can give you hangovers?

But we’re here to talk more about wine, right? Specifically sparkling wine. Prosecco, Sparkling Rosé, Champagne, Cava, Sect… all of these bubbles are frequently served on New Year’s Eve. The holiday is practically synonymous with the act of cheers-ing with champagne flutes. The trick is to secure yourself a sparkling wine that doesn’t have these added chemicals, sulfites and sugars.

No Hangover Prosecco 

That’s where SYLTBAR comes to the rescue! SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco (nicknamed Mr) and Sparkling Rosé (nicknamed Mrs) have both been tested and verified by the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami as being significantly lower in sugar than many other well known name brand sparkling wine brands. If you are familiar with the popular weight loss and health plan, Weight Watchers, you’ll be happy to hear that Mr and Mrs are only 2 Smart Points! These sparkling wines are also Keto-friendly due to their incredibly low sugar content, which is amazing for those who follow a Keto diet and still want to enjoy a drink or two. SYLTBAR wines are 100% naturally produced with absolutely nothing added. No chemicals. No added sulfites, and no additional sweeteners or sugars.

Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco is only 49 calories and 0.3 grams of sugar per 6 ounce serving, and Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé is 63 calories and .45 grams per 6 ounce serving. Typical Prosecco and Champagne is around 100-120 calories — that’s a huge difference!

Naturally produced wine

How do our wine producers make such delicious sparkling wines without the need for extra sugar? It’s due to the long fermentation process, which allows the grapes to fully develop their flavor. Many big brands skip this long fermentation process in order to save time and money, and simply add other sweeteners and sugars to enhance the flavor — but our family-owned winery in Friuli, Italy doesn’t cut corners! Our wine producers follow a set of sustainable practices that keep both the environment and the health of human beings in mind. As members of The Italian Green Project, our wine producers have a “social responsibility” to have the maximum respect for the community in which the winery operates. Environmental sustainability is a high priority!

As you shop for bubbly to serve this New Year’s Eve, we highly encourage you to be smart. Shop for low sugar, low sulfite Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé online at or look for a retailer in your area that sells SYLTBAR in store. Cheers to ringing in the New Year, and not having to worry about having a hangover the next day!

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