How To Find the Perfect Wine Gift

How To Find the Perfect Wine Gift

The perfect wine gift does not exist…. Oh wait, YES it does!

SYLTBAR offers a variety of perfect gifts for all of the wine lovers in your life. There is something for everyone, for any and every occasion. You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy SYLTBAR wine gifts either! Whether you are getting a gift for a total wine veteran who knows the industry inside and out, or for someone who is newer to the wine drinking experience, you are bound to find something that suits their preference. 

We have a lot of different special offers that help making choosing the right gift an easy decision. Discounted bundles, free shipping, and personalized touches are just a few things you will find when you browse through the SYLTBAR website.


Aside from a variety of special bundles, just purchasing SYLTBAR wines individually is a great gift idea as well. It’s not every day that you find such high quality, 100% naturally produced wines that have very low sugar content and absolutely no added chemicals or sulfites. Giving the gift of SYLTBAR wine will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face!


You can add on a few of our wine accessories to sweeten the deal even more. We have Italian made and patented bottle stoppers in black, pink and golden to help keep Mr and Mrs bubbles fresh and fizzing for three to four days after opening, an ice bucket to keep your wine chilled to the perfect temperature, and an Italian made multifunctional corkscrew with an expandable foil cutter.


But that’s not all… Wine isn’t all we specialize in! Beautifully scented 100% soy candles in pine and musk and limoncello and verbena, comfortable golf caps and high performance Titleist golf balls are available too. Can you tell that golf is one of our favorite activities? :)

These are our top three choices for the perfect wine gift:


Intro Box

This is the perfect way to introduce someone to the SYLTBAR brand. The Intro Box gives people a chance to try all six SYLTBAR wines and discover which ones they love most and want to continue purchasing! This is also ideal for a special occasion when you might want to start off the night with light and refreshing bubbles, and then gradually move toward more robust and full bodied wines. The Intro Box includes one each of the latest vintages available of Mr Premium Prosecco, Mrs Sparkling Rosé, Cashmere Cabernet Franc, Silk Friulano, White Linen Pinot Grigio and Junior Ramato Pinot Grigio. When you buy the wines as part of the Intro Box rather than individually, you save $15 and it comes with free shipping too!


Wine Club

Wine aficionados will appreciate this gift that keeps on giving! A subscription to the SYLTBAR wine club is the perfect way to start a journey to a happier, healthier life. Being a member of our wine club is all about convenience and making life easier. Wine Club members can customize their subscription and choose the frequency of deliveries, pause or cancel at any time and easily modify orders with a simple text or email. Members receive 10% off all orders, and shipping is always free!

 Candle and Mr Image

Lifestyle Gift Set

If you are looking for a heartfelt and more personal gift, this is it. The Lifestyle Gift Set comes with a bottle of sparkling wine, a candle, and your custom message on a handwritten note. Choose between Mr Premium Prosecco and the Hope candle (pine and musk), or Mrs Sparkling Rosé and the Believe candle (limoncello and verbena). This gift set is only $59, and shipping is also complimentary. 

Never again will you have to waste time looking for the perfect wine gift.  Wine, wine accessories, candles, golf gear… As you can see, SYLTBAR has you covered with lots of options. Visit to shop!

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