How to Have Safe and Socially Distanced Outdoor Fun

How to Have Safe and Socially Distanced Outdoor Fun

Remember when events at huge venues and dinner parties at restaurants were normal and happened on a regular basis? Over the last year, things have definitely shifted gears. Big gatherings and events are no longer occurring as frequently as they were in the past. We have pivoted our lives to adhere to this “new normal” that includes social distancing in public places, wearing masks, and for some, not being able to interact in person with certain friends and/or family members.

But this new lifestyle doesn’t have to feel negative! At SYLTBAR, we prefer to celebrate the good, the happy, the healthy, the everyday things that make our lives special — and that means coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for ways to have fun, but still stay safe.

One of our favorite ideas for safe and socially distanced outdoor fun is to have a picnic! You can set up a picnic just about anywhere, such as your backyard, a local park or the beach. The best part is that you are outside and can easily distance yourself from other people in the area, so you will feel totally safe and ready to have some fun!

Enjoy a Professional Pop-up Picnic (with Wine)

While many of you may be picnic savvy and able to create your own memorable experience, some of you may prefer to leave it to the professionals. Thankfully, there are many local companies that specialize in curating these pop-up picnic events and can cater to any occasion! These picnics are great for birthdays and anniversaries, proposals and wedding showers, or even just something new and different to do with friends or your significant other.

Mr SYLTBAR was recently invited to a special Girls Night Out beach picnic in Delray Beach, FL. The boho-chic style picnic was created by The Little Gatherings, a South Florida boutique picnic and small events styling company owned by two sisters. They included all the decor and design elements, as well as setup and breakdown of the space, plates, cups, napkins and utensils, and even sparkling water or lemonade. This hassle-free event let us enjoy great outdoor time with some family and friends.

Add Low Sugar Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé to Your Picnic

No picnic is complete without a little bubbly too, wouldn’t you agree? Of course, Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR are the perfect complement to your outdoor soirée. We always recommend drinking SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé out of a white wine glass; however, when picnicking outdoors, glass isn’t always the best option. Just to be on the safe side, look for white wine glasses that are specifically labeled as unbreakable or acrylic.

Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR both pair well with all your picnic must-haves. We recommend Mr SYLTBAR with mild cheeses, light salad, or some fruit. Mrs SYLTBAR complements charcuterie boards with all the fixings, heavier finger foods, and of course, is the perfect contrast for a little something sweet.

You and your guests can nosh on all your picnic goodies guilt-free knowing that your glasses are filled with low sugar, low sulfite, low calorie, vegan, 100% naturally produced SYLTBAR wine! Don’t forget to also pick up a SYLTBAR ice bucket – crisp and chilled is the best way to enjoy SYLTBAR Sparkling Wine.

We bet you’re about ready to have an outdoor picnic now! If you’re stuck inside, moving all your plants into one room also counts as a picnic right? Be a generous picnic host by having the perfect drink to cheers with. Shop now and stock up on SYLTBAR, and you will be ready to go! 

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