How to keep Prosecco / Champagne bubbly after you open it?

How to keep Prosecco / Champagne bubbly after you open it?

“I have tried the Black and Pink SYLTBAR bottle stopper and am surprised in a very positive way because my Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Wines are kept fresh for up to 5 days after having opened it”, our SYLTBAR Wine Club member Lisa S. happily mentions.

Best Champagne Bottle Stopper

Here are some of the reasons why our bottle stoppers do not loose bubbles after a SYLTBAR Sparkling Wine bottle has been opened. Simply slide on the cap and clip into place.

  • Black to match “Mr SYLTBAR” or Pink to match "Mrs SYLTBAR"
  • Made in Italy
  • Clips securely on the bottle neck, and seals firmly in place
  • Long lasting, maintains the bubble quality
  • Made in Italy, Patented Design
  • Stainless Steel & quality materials
  • Reusable, pop after pop

Using the SYLTBAR bottle stopper is by far the best way to store leftover Sparkling Wine whether it is Champagne, Cava, SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco, other Prosecco or Sekt.

Does a silver spoon keep champagne bubbly?

A lot of people are still convinced that it is a great idea to keep their Sparkling Wine fresh by putting a Silver spoon in the opened bottle. We have tried it too in order to be sure that we have not missed something. The method does work for about an hour or a maximum of two but that is it. Using the Spoon for leftover Sparkling Wine does really not work the right way and cannot be recommended by us. This is what the Spoon does when it is refrigerated with the opened Sparkling Wine Bottle. It keeps the neck of the bottle cool, and when it comes in contact with the room-temperature Sparkling Wine, it creates a plug that prevents the gas in the bottle from escaping. But unfortunately as already mentioned only for a few hours and then the Sparkling Wine gets flat right after.

Do Metal Bottle Stoppers save prosecco for going flat?

We have also heard about another method to keep the bubbles fresh in a Sparkling Wine bottle after having opened it. There are some reusable corks which are specifically produced for storing Champagne and other Sparkling Wines. Their name is hermetic and they all made of metal. The concept of it is to lock the pressure inside the bottle to preserve the bubbles. These bottle stoppers are getting the job done in comparison to the Silver Spoon method but unfortunately also only for a few hours. Our experience is that then it looses the bubbles of the Sparkling Wine bottles very quick no matter if it is Champagne, SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco, Prosecco, Cava or Sekt.

The majority of all Sparkling Wine consumers use bottle stoppers in order to keep their bubbles fresh in case they could not finish drinking the whole bottle. We have tried and tested all different kinds of bottle stoppers which are in the market and came to the conclusion that the only ones which really keep your Sparkling Wine fresh for up to 5 days after having opened the bottle are the Black and the Pink SYLTBAR one.

Do Silicone Bottle Plugs and Pressure Pumps Keep Sparkling Wine?

Here are some examples of stoppers which we have tested. A Champagne, Prosecco, Cava bottle stopper with a built in Pressure Pump. The problem with it that it does not seal the bottle in the right way like the SYLTBAR ones do. After having reopened the Sparkling Wine bottle two hours later it was flat and not enjoyable at all anymore. Another Champagne bottle stopper contains a long Wine Bottle Plug with Silicone. It is much more expensive compared to our Black and Pink SYLTBAR bottle stopper but doesn't work either. After a few hours having opened the Sparkling Wine bottle the wine was also flat.

We are happy that not only our SYLTBAR friends and supporters use the Black and Pink SYLTBAR bottle stoppers. It is obvious that in the hotel and restaurant business the best bottle stoppers for Sparkling Wines make the difference. Our SYLTBAR bottle stoppers are in the US market now for more that 10 years and we are thankful for having received so many wonderful, value comments and positive reviews from Restaurant owners, Barkeepers, Hotel F & B directors and sommeliers. Here is one of it: “For years I have looked for a stopper that really works for bubbles. I haven’t found anything that maintains the integrity like the SYLTBAR stopper” ( review by Sarah M. ).

Best Way to Prevent Opened Prosecco from going Flat

We highly recommend using the SYLTBAR bottle stopper to keep the bubbles fresh and long lasting and enjoy the rest of your opened SYLTBAR Sparkling Wine. Our bottle stoppers are made of high quality materials in Italy. Aside from the construction, the patent pending design uses a clasp to keep the bottle sealed tight - preventing the bubbles from escaping. This keeps your sparkling wine the way you like it - bubbly! 

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