How to Open Prosecco Sparkling Wine and Properly Pour It

How to Open Prosecco Sparkling Wine and Properly Pour It

You have probably seen the age-old Champagne bottle trick. You know the one… where someone heroically uses a saber to slice the cork off the bottle, which results in the bubbly spraying all over the place. Not only is this a total waste of sparkling wine, but it is actually very dangerous. You could very easily slice your hand or finger(s), crack the bottle and cause glass to splatter along with the bubbly, etc. Although it might look impressive and is deemed a “fun” party trick, it’s really not.

How NOT to open champagne

how not to open champagne

People also think it’s fun to shake the bottle first and then pop open the cork, which also causes spraying bubbles. Not really that dangerous, but it’s another huge waste. Too many bottles of Prosecco and Champagne go to waste because so many people do not know the correct way to open the bottles and pour its contents.

Both of these sparkling wine bottle opening tactics are total faux paus. All they do is cause a big, sticky mess. The real experience should be actually drinking the Champagne, Prosecco, or whatever sparkling wine it may be — not watching it splatter all over the wall and floors!

Proper way to open Prosecco and Champagne

There are a few simple rules to follow in order to properly open and pour Prosecco or Champagne. The first being that you do not need a corkscrew. It’s entirely unnecessary for sparkling wine bottles. These corks are designed differently than those that keep still wine protected within their bottles. The main difference is the bottom of the cork. Sparkling wine corks are more elastic, so they expand into that well known “mushroom” shape when the CO2 combines with the pressure from the bubbles. That shape gives the cork the ability to be popped off by hand, rather than by a screw digging deep into it to leverage it out of the bottle.

Now that you understand the difference between still wine corks and sparkling wine corks and know that you can put away your corkscrew whenever you’re drinking a bottle of Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco, let’s talk about best practices.

Step: 1 Serve Sparkling wine Cold

First, it’s important to make sure that your bubbly is cold! To do this, we recommend chilling the bottle in an ice bucket filled with half cold water and half ice. The proper temperature for Prosecco is around 45-49 °F. When the bottle is cold, it prevents spillage or foaming from the bottle when it’s opened. This is crucial to prevent wasting any beloved Mr SYLTBAR!

Step 2: Gently pop, not bang, open the cork

don't make a loud bang

Secondly, the manner in which you open the bottle makes a huge difference. The goal is to only hear a small pop, not a loud over-the-top bang. Hold the bottle with one hand, and use your other hand to hold a dish towel over the cork. Slowly, but firmly, move the bottle and cork in opposite directions until it gracefully pops out. Alternatively, you can also move the cork back and forth until it eases its way out. Either way, it will result in an unassuming sound that no one else in the room can hear, which is exactly what you should aim for.

don't pour too quickly otherwise the bubbles will overflow

Step 3: Slowly pour into a white wine glass

Now that the bottle is open, it’s time to pour! Do not hold the bottle from the neck while pouring. Instead, place your hands on the larger part of the bottle, the “body” of it. And don’t get too excited and try to pour the entire glass at first… Remember, the bubbles cause a bit of foam and pouring too much at once may cause it to overflow or spill out of the glass. Again, that would be wasted Prosecco, and we do not want that! Start out by pouring about an ounce. Let the bubbles go down, and then continue to slowly pour the remaining serving. It is recommended to only fill the glass about a fourth of the cup to ensure that the bubbly is always cold while you are drinking it. If you fill it too much, you run the risk of the bottom of the glass becoming too warm by the time you reach it.

One of the most important tips, and one that we stress often, is that Prosecco should not be poured into a champagne flute, despite all popular culture references. The thin shape of this glass actually takes away from the true drinking experience. Instead, serve it in a white wine glass to further enhance its flavors and aromas.

How to keep sparkling wine fresh

After pouring your glass of Prosecco, make sure to cork the bottle right away so that the bubbles stay fresh and fizzy for your next pour. The SYLTBAR bottle stoppers are ideal for this, as this Italian patented design is not only chic in design — the stopper comes in black, pink and golden — but it is also incredibly effective at keeping Prosecco fresh for 3-4 days after opening.

There you have it. The proper technique for opening and pouring Prosecco! All you need now is the proper Prosecco to accompany your newly learned skills. Visit to shop for Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco and Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé, and view our locator to find a retailer near you that carries the wines.

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