How To Pair SYLTBAR with Chocolate

How To Pair SYLTBAR with Chocolate

Good wine and chocolate have a lot in common. Both go through meticulous production processes to ensure the perfect taste and aroma. Both are sourced from a specific round ingredient that produces a natural sweetness — wines from grapes, and chocolate from cocoa/cacao beans. Both can either be 100% naturally produced with no added sugars or chemicals, a pure product at its best. But both can also be mass produced, with lots of additives used to preserve the product and cut corners in order to save time and money. chocolate and wine pairings

SYLTBAR believes in natural production of chocolate, just as it believes in natural production of wine. So, when we pair SYLTBAR wines with chocolates, that is precisely what we look for! Nothing added or removed from the product — just pure, deeply delicious, rich, and velvety smooth chocolate. When looking for the purest chocolate, dark varieties are going to be your best bet, since some milk and white chocolates add more ingredients such as sugar, milk and/or cream, and butter.

Sometimes, though, we believe it is ok to indulge in the more sugary treats, in moderation of course. That’s what makes pairing chocolate with SYLTBAR so great. Because all of the SYLTBAR wines have a very low sugar content, you don’t have to feel guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth with chocolates. More-so, these real, natural food ingredients are better than chocolates with tons of added ingredients and preservatives you cannot even pronounce!

 dark chocolate organic

The right piece of chocolate can elevate a wine for a totally new experience. There is some finesse needed, however, to find the right balance between the chocolate and the wine. You don’t want one flavor to overpower the other. You want them to work together in tandem to create a beautiful partnership.

Here are some of our favorite ways to pair SYLTBAR with chocolate:

One of the most sought-after chocolate and wine pairing is dark chocolate and red wine. Dark chocolates tend to be higher in cacao percentages, so they have a more bitter taste than their milk and white chocolate counterparts. These bitter, earthy notes are the perfect match for more full-bodied, fruit-forward reds, like our 2019 Cashmere Cabernet Franc. This intense red wine is made from 100% Carmenère grapes, and just as its name suggests, it has a mouthfeel as soft and luxurious as the touch of a cashmere sweater!


Technically, white chocolate is not real chocolate because it isn’t made from actual cocoa. This creamy concoction is rich with cocoa butter and sugar, so it needs something dry to cut through the sweetness. We suggest either our Silk Friulano or White Linen Pinot Grigio. Silk is comparable to a Sauvignon Blanc, and both this wine and Pinot Grigio are known to be on the dryer side, making them to perfect balance for the oh-so-sweet white chocolate lovers.


Now, what about our bubbly? Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco and Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkle Rosé are delightful when paired with good old fashioned, and incredibly versatile, milk chocolate. Milk chocolate’s creamy mouthfeel and sweet ending offset the crisp, clean and refreshing tasting notes of both Mr and Mrs. Our sparkling wines are on the dryer side, unlike many other proseccos and sparkling rosés, so it’s a beautiful balance when enjoyed with a sweeter chocolate.

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Even better is that Mr and Mrs have been tested against other well known sparkling varieties by the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute and proven to have a very, very low sugar content. So, go ahead and treat yourself. You deserve it!

macaroon and sparkling rose

Check out our favorite chocolate company on the planet, Läderach! For another sweet treat that is perfect for pairing with SYLTBAR, you have got to try the macarons from Laduree.

Cheers to never feeling guilty about eating chocolate! To shop for low sugar wines to pair with your favorite natural chocolate treats, visit or use our locator to search for a store near you that sells our wines.

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