Mr and Mrs at your local wine restaurant

Mr and Mrs at your local wine restaurant

Are Mr and Mrs missing from your favorite local wine shop or restaurant? As you know, we are very particular about our retail partners and we also do not mass produce our wines, so it is not surprising that you don’t see SYLTBAR on every store shelf or restaurant menu.

To keep our wine quality consistent without the need for additives, it is important to work with a wine producer that owns and operates its own vineyard so they have complete control. While this limits quantity and the ability to produce enough wine to sell everywhere, it allows us to make sure that SYLTBAR is always the same high quality, additive-free wine that you have come to know and love.

BUT! If there is a place that you think Mr and Mrs would be welcomed and loved, we want to hear about it — and we can try our best to help get them there.

SYLTBAR has been available to purchase in the US since 2010, but we have been drinking Mr for over 30 years! It all started back in our homeland of Germany. We are so proud to be able to bring this amazing and 100% naturally produced Italian Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé to the American market, especially since it has characteristics that are so much different from other Proseccos in the US.

One of the biggest differences between SYLTBAR Prosecco and other Prosecco brands on the market is that we always have our bottle filling date noted on the back of the bottle. This shows that we have the freshest Prosecco in the industry, and we never use any additional chemical preservatives and sulfites to extend the shelf life.

SYLTBAR wines are vegan, with absolutely no chemicals or additives — that means no added sulfites too. Our wine always has the filling date on the back of the bottle, which shows that we have the freshest Prosecco in the market. This also proves that we do not put in any additional sulfites to extend the shelf life. What you see is what you get!

Mr and Mrs are both very low in calories and sugar that they have been approved as only 2 SmartPoints for WW. The University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute tested Mr and Mrs against many other well known sparkling wine brands and found that they had the lowest sugar content by glucose level.

While you won’t find Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR hanging around in most big name chain stores, if you live near a Whole Foods or Total Wine, you can find them there. We are currently available at stores in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Nevada, District of Columbia, Indiana, New York, Texas, California, Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan and Hawaii.

You can use our very handy store finder on our website to simply type in your zip code, and if Mr and Mrs are nearby, the names and addresses of the locations will show up. If you can’t find your go-to store or restaurant, you can either talk to them and request that they purchase SYLTBAR through our distributors OR reach out to our concierge and we can do the talking.

We never want you to have to go through life without your Happy Healthy Daily Juice, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media or via email at Simply provide the retail store or restaurant name and contact information (phone, address, website) and we will connect with the business and our distributor to see if Mr and Mrs will fit in.


Cheers to that. You are smarter to want Mr and Mrs at your favorite stores and restaurants!

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