Mr Big's official bottle size and other wine bottle sizes

Mr Big's official bottle size and other wine bottle sizes

What is the meaning behind the names used for wine bottle sizes ? Every bottle size is telling a story and our Mr Big bottle Jeroboam tells a very special one.

Piccolo or Splits

The name of this mini bottle has an Italian origin and means “small” Piccolo bottle. Its 187,5 milliliters equal one filled tulip Champagne glass. Although cute, we'd stay away from these adorable bottles - the quality of wine generally diminishes. Scientifically speaking, sparkling wine that comes in smaller bottles age faster due to a greater ratio of air to wine. 

Demi or half bottle

Demi is a 375 ml of bottle. Another name for it is “Fillete” in French language which means “little girl”. The demi size bottle it is an equivalent to 3 filled flute Champagne glasses.

Bottle (750 ml)

The "standard" wine bottle size. Most popular sparkling wine bottles contain six filled Champagne glasses. All SYLTBAR wines are offered in the 750ml bottle size. 

Magnum (1.5 liters)

It is Latin and stands for “Great”. A Magnum bottle is capable of containing the double amount of 12 filled Champagne glasses. 2 bottles of 750ml fit in a Magnum bottle. Magnums are the best selling bigger size bottles in retail stores.

Jeroboam (3 liters) SYLTBAR Mr Big

This bottle can fill 24 Champagne glasses. The label originates from the 1st king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, who ruled BC for 22 years during the late 10th century. The name means “he increases the people”. Mr Big contains 4 bottles of 750ml and as you know it is extremely sexy because of the handcrafted bottle with the embossed SYLTBAR logo. Today it is the only handcrafted 3 liter bottle (which we know) on this planet. We all remember Mr Big playing a major part in Sex and the City and now you know how Mr Big got his name.


Rehoboam (4.5 liters)

Rehoboam contains 36 filled Champagne glasses. The name originates from the son of King Solomon and the grandson of King David, who ruled the Kingdom of Judah in the 10th century BC. Accordingly to the bottle’s dimension, his name indicates “he who enlarges the people”. 6 bottles of 750ml are a beautiful story for Rehoboam. It is very rare to be found in retail stores.

Methuselah (6 liters)

Methuselah’s honor contains 64 filled glasses of Champagne. According to the Hebrew Bible, Methuselah is supposed to be the oldest person who ever lived. Nobody really knows all details but people say that Methuselah was an antediluvian patriarch mentioned in the Old Testament as having lived 969 years and whose name is symbolic for great age. Methuselah contains 8 bottles of 750ml. It would be amazing if the story turns out to be true one day.

Salmanazar (9 liters)

A Salmanazar Champagne bottle contains 72 filled Champagne glasses. A variation of 5 Assyrian king names who ruled between the Thirteenth and Eigth century BC. It is very well known, but also very rare to be found in retail stores. A Salmanazar contains 12 bottles of 750ml.

Balthazar (12 liters)

A Balthazar bottle contains 96 filled glasses of Champagne. As to history, Balthazar was a king of Arabia who presented gifts to Jesus after his birth. It is most popular among the biggest bottle sizes. Balthazar contains 16 bottles of 750ml.

Nebuchadnezzar (15 liters)

A Nebuchadnezzar contains 120 filled glasses of Champagne. The name originates of the greatest, most powerful of all Babylonian kings, who ruled from the late 7th to the middle of the 6th century BC. It is often used as a decoration piece. Nebuchadnedzzar contains 20 bottles of 750ml.

Solomon (18 liters)

A Solomon Champagne bottle contains 144 filled glasses. The Solomon bottle size has turned out to be the most debatable to determine correctly. It is named for a king of Israel and the son of David. As a vessel, the Solomon bottle is very rare and can be found in the French Champagne. A Solomon bottle contains 26.6 bottles of 750ml.

Sovereign (25 liters)

Taittinger is the solo producer of this specific size. It contains 180 filled glasses of Champagne. The Sovereign Champagne contains 33.3 bottles of 750ml.

Primat (27 liters)

The Primat bottle contains 216 filled Champagne glasses. The weight of it equals 143 lbs which does not make it easy to pour this big bottle size. The Primat contains 36bottles of 750ml.

Melchizedek (30 liters)

It contains 240 filled glasses of Champagne. The largest of all bottle sizes is the Melchizedek Champagne bottle. Many people say this bottle size is really exciting, others have never seen it and believe that it is only a myth. The Melchizedek contains 40 bottles of 750ml.

Big Champagne or other Sparkling wine bottles are very exclusive and should be kept and enjoyed for special occasions or celebration in life. Keep in mind that some huge bottle sizes tend to loose most of its bubbles during fermentation. We agree with this fact and it is why we are not offering larger bottles sizes than our SYLTBAR Jeroboam Mr Big. We are convinced that the large Sparkling Champagne bottles are tough to be carried and transported too. On top of it the large formats are very difficult to be poured. Therefore we stick to our Mr Big Jeroboam. It is still easy to handle and to carry. Mr Big also comes with a Wooden box to keep it safe during shipping!

Be careful while popping the huge sizes because of its high pressure. Watch the cork so it no one is injured and no property damaged. Enjoy Mr Big!

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