National Rose Month

National Rose Month

National Rosé Month in the United States is celebrated in August 2020. We are not big fans of all marketing holidays and do our best to simply ignore most of them. This year it is a pleasure for us to make an exception because we love Rose and especially our Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose. We will get more in detail about our Mrs later.

History of Rose Wine

There is no true origin date of Rosé because, at the time, many red wines were the color of today’s rosé. In ancient Greece, where all good drinking habits started, it was actually considered civilized to dilute the wine. It wasn’t until sixth century before Christ that the Phocaeans brought grape vines to Massalia in the south of France that the pink rosé blend started being the talk of the Mediterranean.

For the past years the wine category Rosé has been extremely successful and not only in each individual summer season. We enjoy it most when it is well chilled. A big advantage is that one can pair Rose wines with a large variety of food dishes.

Unfortunately the popularity of Rose wine has lead to a huge amount of mass production and its consequence is a lot of low quality of this category. We always promote quality wines so it is easy for us to mention Rose World Class brand Domaines Ott of Provence. This is a winemaker's wine, which invites us to appreciate the passage of time and to savour every moment of it.

Alternative to Rose (Still) Wines

Today we would like to introduce you to a wonderful alternative of Rose Still wines which are the Sparkling Rose ones. Here comes an overview of it:

  • Rosé Champagne

    This is one of the most popular varieties, and among the priciest since pink Champagne is crafted using the labor-intensive method. Made in the French region of Champagne, pink Champagne almost always is made of a mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. We highly recommend to choose Ruinart or Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne.

  • Rosé Sparkling

    Hailing from Italy, this variety is less expensive alternative to Champagne. Often originated on the sweeter end of the scale, Rosé Sparkling is considered as an easy drinking wine that’s refreshing on hot days. But since we always believe in exceptions it has to be mentioned that there is also a fruity and not sweet Rose Sparkling produced in Friuli, Italy. It is called Mrs SYLTBAR Rose Sparkling ( 100% Merlot grape variety )

  • Rose Cava

    This Spanish rival to Champagne and Italian Rose Sparkling is often the most affordable of the three. However Rosé Cava, it's actually made in the same labor-intensive way as Champagne. Note that pink Cava is made from a wide variety of grapes, including Macabeo, Grenache, and Pinot Noir.

  • Brut Rosé

    Our usual wines Rose Sparklingis a Brut sparkling wine made from Californian Syrah, Sangiovese, and Malbec grapes. Because it’s Brut (which translates to dry in French) it’s a sharp, crisp option, which is perfect for those who love fruity flavors without the added sweetness

All Rose Sparkling wines are one of the world’s great food wines. Best examples for it are Barbecues, Brunches, Chocolate and fruit Desserts.

How to Pair Rose Sparkling Wines

Sparkling rosés are the perfect match for fatty meats such as sausages and ribs. The zingy flavors in the pink bubbly easily complement barbecue offerings. Because sparkling rosé is synonymous with romance (it could be the color) pairing your favorite pink bottle with a few chocolate-covered strawberries is a must. The acidity in the wine will bring out the more delicate flavors of the chocolate and dampen the sweetness.

Next time you catch up with friends over brunch, order a bottle of Sparkling Rosé for the table. This drink simply loves rich brunch foods like a creamy poached egg and fatty bacon.

Still, isn’t it good to know that a Rose Sparkling here or there can fit into any diet. We have a general tip for you to make your next glass weight loss-friendly: Are you looking for lower-sugar options like Mrs SYLTBAR Rose Sparkling. Where is the origin of it ? The producer of Mrs SYLTBAR Rose Sparkling and all other SYLTBAR Still and Sparkling Wines is located in Friuli, Italy. Other Italian Rose Sparkling wines are made from Pinot Noir grapes planted in vineyards throughout the regions of Trentino and Alto Adige in Northern Italy. It is vinified as a dry rosé prior to second fermentation using the Charmat method. There is a lot of reasons why Mrs SYLTBAR is very different to those and offers several important advantages. It is made of 100% Merlot grape variety which is hardly ever found when it comes to Rose Sparkling wines. Like the Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco Mrs SYLTBAR has been tested in the Miami Diabetes Research Institute and contains the lowest calorie count (63 per 6oz glass) compared to 80 other Sparkling Rose names. It is 100% naturally produced, Vegan, very low on Sulfites and Sugar too.

Enjoy Mrs SYLTBAR. It is very diet friendly and “Your Happy Healthy Daily Juice”.

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