Prosecco Prices - How are some Proseccos so cheap?

Prosecco Prices - How are some Proseccos so cheap?

As we know, wine comes in so many different varieties. Not only are there the blanket categories of white, red, rosé, sparkling, and even orange wine, but then it can be broken down even further into the grapes used, the level of sweetness, alcohol content, how the grapes are harvested, if sustainable practices are in place, etc., etc… 

Like with most other food and beverages, there are a lot of things to compare and contrast between brands, and one of those things that plays an important role for most people when purchasing wine is price.

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Popular Prosecco Prices

When you shop for wine, whether it’s in a retail store or online, you have probably noticed the drastic range of prices, sometimes ranging from as little as $3.99 all the way into the hundreds. This is the case for fine wines, and we see it a lot with Prosecco too! Some of the most popular bottles of Prosecco can be found around $12, like La Marca Prosecco, La Bella Prosecco and Mionetto Prosecco. Some are even cheaper than that. Costco’s Kirkland Signature Asolo Prosecco Superiore sells for only $6.99, and Trader Joe’s has its own Prosecco wine at that price point as well.

We understand that sometimes you may be purchasing a lot of bottles for a dinner party, holiday gathering or just to keep your wine fridge stocked, and price can be an obstacle to overcome. Keep in mind, however, that a lower cost can also be a sign of mass production, cutting corners to save time and money by adding sulfites to increase shelf-life and adding sugars to enhance the flavor, all in the name of creating a large quantity of bottles to distribute.


How to find a quality bottle of Prosecco? 

You may see bottles of Prosecco on the shelf for $6, $8, $10 or $12. Then you look at Mr Premium Prosecco that retails for $20.99 and Mrs Sparkling Rosé for $23.99, and think these are expensive, but no. You must think of it as expensive; you must realize this is what quality, consistency, and 100% naturally produced with nothing added and nothing removed looks like.

Winery Produced sparkling wine

Winery Produced Sparkling Wine

Our winery works very hard to maintain their sustainability practices, a controlled vineyard, and commitment to nature to produce high quality, consistent produce for customers. We are all about quality over quantity, and that is why you will not find SYLTBAR on the shelves of every retailer, or on the menu at every restaurant. We choose not to produce large quantities of wine, even though it may reduce production costs. This is what large corporations do, and why you can find so many inexpensive Proseccos available on the market.

Avoid Mass Produced Prosecco

When you produce large quantities, that means there are more bottles being shipped and more sulfites and additives are needed to preserve the wines for a longer period of time. We take all caution to avoid the need for additional sulfites, and that is why we produce a limited quantity of bottles during each harvest.

Quality over Quantity, when it comes to Wine

Trust us. Pay attention to the price tags while shopping for Prosecco, and don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more on your health. SYLTBAR is vegan, low in calories and sugar, with zero added sulfites or chemicals of any kind. This is why we call it our Happy Healthy Daily Juice!

Shop for SYLTBAR on our online store, or check the store locator to find a SYLTBAR retailer near you.

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