Ramato Wine: Meet the original Pinot Grigio

Ramato Wine: Meet the original Pinot Grigio

What is Ramato Wine?

 You have heard of Pinot Grigio, right? This particular white wine is one of the most popular varieties of Italian wine, especially for wine drinkers in the U.S. Its fresh and crisp, and pairs well with many different kinds of food. SYLTBAR has a Pinot Grigio, nicknamed White Linenbecause of its light, clean, and airy presence. We are certain that you are familiar with this style of wine… but have you heard of its sibling, Pinot Grigio Ramato? 

This type of white wine is much darker than your traditional Pinot Grigio. It gets its copper-like hue because the crushed Pinot Grigio grapes have been allotted a certain amount of time to macerate in their juices. The word ramato originates from the word rame” — “copper” in Italian. 

Because of this extended period of time during which the crushed grapes are in contact with the skin, the color becomes deeper, as does the flavor and aromatics. Ramato wines have much more character and depth than a typical Pinot Grigio wine. The wine may be young, but its full of complexities and interesting nuances that truly give it uniqueness and give wine drinkers a wonderfully different tasting experience. 

Ramato Wine Tasting Notes and Food Pairing 

Ramato wines often give off notes of spices and herbs, and dried and tropical fruits. They are tannic with a structured balance and a dry, savory edge. This type of wine is incredibly food friendly, and pairs beautifully with all kinds of meat, including white meat, prosciutto and salami, as well as shellfish, pasta, and many Asian flavors.

Is Ramato Wine the same as Orange Wine? 

Now, it is important that you do not confuse Ramato wine with regular orange wine,” a trend on the market that also results from the grape skins having extended contact with their juices. Ramato wine might appear somewhat orange in color, but it is not just an orange wine. Ramato wines are exclusive to a specific wine making style that exclusively uses Pinot Grigio grapes, originating from none other than SYLTBARs homeland: Friuli, Italy. This is the way Pinot Grigio wines were made until the 1960s when a popular Pinot Grigio winery began exporting a lighter, more crisp version of the wine. The tradition of producing Ramato style wines shifted, and the Pinot Grigio you know today became the norm. However, white wine aficionados who know Ramato wines still love and appreciate it, and it is slowly making its way into wine drinkersrepertoire. 

SYLTBAR is proud to offer its customer base such a special wine that is not all that familiar to the average wine drinker. It is so different, that even those who state that they do not like Pinot Grigio, find themselves loving SYLTBARs Pinot Grigio Ramato. We have bottled our Ramato style wine in a short bottle, although still 750ml, to recognize the history behind the making of the original” Pinot Grigio, which we have nicknamed Junior.”

Ramato Wine Nutrition & Calories 

SYLTBAR Junior is known for its aromatic notes of green pear, pomegranate, honeysuckle and oily florals. Because of our winerys sustainable, all natural production process, Junior has only 98 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar/carbohydrates per 6 ounce glass, yet still holds a 13% alcohol content. We recommend serving SYLTBAR Junior Pinot Grigio Ramato at a temperature of 50-53.6 °F.

Now that you are more familiar with what Ramato wine is, we hope that you will decide to give SYLTBAR Junior a try. Visit our online store to shop and have Pinot Grigio Ramato shipped straight to your doorstep.

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