St. Germain Cocktail Recipe with Prosecco

St. Germain Cocktail Recipe with Prosecco

Raise your hand if you love a good cocktail! A crisp cocktail can be a beautiful thing on a hot day in South Florida — especially when topped with the bubbly effervescence of a sparkling wine like Prosecco. The only downside? Most of these Prosecco cocktails come with more than just refreshing flavor…they also come with calories and sugar! The reason why so many people love Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco is because it is so incredibly low in sugar and calories, so adding all different kinds of mixers to it defeats the purpose, right?

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This would be correct, and while we do not typically recommend drinking multiple Prosecco cocktails in one sitting, we are also big advocates for “everything in moderation” so a cocktail every now and then is not so bad. It’s a huge benefit to always use low-sugar, low-calorie Mr in your Prosecco cocktails too, as other Prosecco brands will add even more sugar and calories to an already caloric, sugary drink.

Cocktails made with Prosecco

There are quite a few popular cocktails made with Prosecco. The Aperol Spritz is a very well known drink, which we educated you about in a previous blog post, that is made with Aperol, club soda and Prosecco. Another very highly regarded Prosecco drink, the Hugo, is a spin-off of the Aperol Spritz. It too includes club soda and Prosecco, but instead of bittersweet and citrusy Aperol, it’s made with a sweet and floral elderflower liqueur known as St. Germain, and rather than garnish with citrus, the Hugo uses fresh mint and some recipes also call for lime.

Just like the Aperol Spritz, the Hugo is another Italian-born cocktail. This drink is like the Aperol Spritz delicate, flirty cousin. It’s light and subtly sweet, although equally as fragrant and refreshing, just in their own individual ways. If you cannot find St. Germaine elderflower liqueur, you can substitute it with an elderflower syrup instead.

Let’s talk more about this French liqueur, St. Germain. According to the brand’s website, each and every bottle of St. Germain is made with up to 1,000 wild, handpicked elderflower blossoms. The harvesting time for elderflowers only lasts for about three to four weeks during the late spring. The flowers need to be at their peak flavor and aroma, and must be as fresh as possible, to create the high quality product that St. Germain is known for. The blossoms are very delicate, and if there is any damage at all to them from the time they are hand-picked to the time they are macerated in the bottle, the liqueur could be drastically affected.

Although it really is a tasty liqueur and it is displayed in a beautiful bottle, this ingredient is where all the extra, unnecessary sugar comes into play. Once the maceration process of the elderflower blossoms is complete, the resulting liquid is blended with a distilled spirit referred to by the Fresh as eau-de-vie de vin, water, SUGAR, and a neutral grain spirit to create the final product known as St. Germain.

Sugar in St Germain Cocktail

According to the popular calorie tracking app and website,, there are about 11 grams of sugar and 103 calories in a 1 ounce serving of St. Germain. If you are going to make this drink, the best thing to do to keep it from having much more sugar and calories is to use Mr SYLTBAR, which is only 49 calories and 0.3 grams of sugar in a 6 ounce serving. A typical Hugo recipe actually only calls for 3 ounces of Prosecco, so if you use Mr, you would only be adding 24.5 calories and 0.15 grams of sugar!

 St Germain Cocktail Recipe with Prosecco

Here’s how to make a Hugo cocktail:

  • Add 1 ounce chilled St. Germain to a glass with ice and stir.
  • Top with 3 ounces of Prosecco and 1 ounce club soda.
  • Add the mint (and optional to also add lime).

The Hugo is a great drink for the summertime, perfect for boat and pool days or lounging by the pool. It’s a popular cocktail seen on restaurant drink menus and is widely recognized. The sugar content is higher than we would like, however it is not as high as some other cocktails out there so as we said, if you are making the Hugo with Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco, drinking this in moderation, it is not so bad!

Of course, we also recommend drinking Mr on its own, properly chilled to 45-49 °F using the SYLTBAR ice bucket, so you can really experience and enjoy the 100% natural and pure flavor and aromas of this Premium Prosecco. To shop for Mr SYLTBAR visit or look for a local retailer that carries the product in-store.

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