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Sparkling Rosé Wine - Pretty, Refreshing, and Low in Calories

It’s no secret that rosé wine has been having a moment over the last few years, and with sparkling wines being as popular as they are, of course sparkling rosé is at the top of the trend. In fact, according to Wine Spectator, rosé and sparkling wine sales increased over the past year, despite the fact that we have been living through a global pandemic. 

While many of you may automatically think of France when met with a still or sparkling rosé wine, we at SYLTBAR are here to affirm that Italy actually produces an incredibly wide range of rosé wines, covering many different colors, flavors, and aromas. Italian rosé should not be ignored — especially not when it’s coming from SYLTBAR! 

Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose

Let’s talk about what makes ‘Mrs’ SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé so special and unique. First of all, we must point out the most important aspect of all SYLTBAR wines — the wines are 100% naturally produced in Friuli, Italy, in a family-owned vineyard that has been harvesting grapes and producing wines for over a hundred years. The family is keen on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, taking careful note to ensure they are providing the best product for their customers with absolutely no chemicals or additives, and only the smallest amount of sugar needed.

Mrs SYLTBAR is Low in sugar

This is why, when our Sparkling Rosé was lab tested by the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute, it was found to be remarkably lower in glucose levels when compared to many other well known sparkling wines. In addition, SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé (as well as our Premium Prosecco) is only 2 Smart Points for Weight Watchers, and it is totally Keto friendly!

Sparkling Rose Calories

Not only is SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé very low in sugar, but it’s also really low in sulfites and calories. A 6 oz. glass of SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé is only 63 calories! Typically, Sparkling Rose calories fall between 100 and 140 calories for this same amount, which makes SYLTBAR the obvious choice, especially if you are someone who is watching their weight or on a low-sugar diet but still loves to pop open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy a glass or two! Other Prosecco, Champagne, Cava and sparkling wine brands may be twice, sometimes close to three times, the amount of calories due to the amount of added sugar used during production. 

Most still rosé wines, such as popular brands Whispering Angel and Marvel, contain 13% alcohol content, which contributes to these wines being higher in calories. Despite our Sparkling Rose calories being much lower than others, it still has an 11.5% alcohol content, which is not too much lower than the typical rosé. However, with less than half a gram of sugar per 6 oz serving and very little sulfites, you won’t feel the same hangover effects the next morning as you would if you were drinking a sparkling rosé with a higher amount of sugar and sulfites.

Even if you were never really concerned with the amount of calories in your wine before, now that you do know the difference between SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé and other rose calories, it’s now hard not to choose SYLTBAR when deciding what to drink, right? Right! 

Sparkling Rose Tasting Notes

SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé differs from other mass produced rosé wines in more than just the amount of sugar and calories. It’s made from 100% Merlot grapes, rather than a Pinot Noir blend like many other sparkling rosés are made from. We use only Merlot grapes, which is actually a rarity in the sparkling wine production world. We don’t know of any rosé wine that are made with 100% Merlot grapes, do you? Merlot has less acidity, making SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé much more elegant, creamy and fruity at the same time  with subtle notes of pomegranate, rose and lychee. We recommend serving Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé in a white wine glass, at a temperature of about 45-48°F. 

Now that you know the difference between SYLTBAR and mass-produced rose calories, sugar, and sulfite content, we think we know which Sparkling Rosé you’ll be shopping for from now on. Visit our website and shop our online store to have low calorie Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé delivered to your door, and check out our locator to find a restaurant or retailer that carries Mrs SYLTBAR near you.

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