Splits: What They Are and Why We Don’t Offer Them

Splits: What They Are and Why We Don’t Offer Them

What are small bubbly of Prosecco called?

The “miniature” trend has gained traction in recent years, especially when it comes to the food industry. Think about it… Mini burgers aka sliders, mini hot dogs aka pigs in a blanket, mini crab cakes and other finger foods that are perfect for serving at parties, and lots of mini-sized desserts like brownie bites and cheesecake cups, just to name a few.

Many people are drawn to these mini versions of popular dishes because they are “cute,” and also because “mini” means the dishes are smaller, and that means it’s easier to maintain portion control and enjoy bites of a lot of different items rather than just eating one larger dish. But what about the beverage industry? Aside from shots of liquor, miniature-sized beers or cocktails are not as prevalent, but there is one “mini” item on the alcoholic beverage market that we see very regularly, and that is the Prosecco or Champagne Split.

What is a Prosecco Split?

A split is essentially a small bottle of sparkling wine. It is a quarter of the size of a regular Prosecco or Champagne bottle, coming in at 187mL. Splits are meant to be drunk all at once, as an individual or single serving. Splits are often seen on restaurant menus, and sold in-store on their own or sometimes in packs of four or more. A split contains more than the standard glass of wine, so many times the logic behind ordering a split is that you’re getting more bang for your buck.  

It might seem like a great idea to order a split while dining out, especially if you are by yourself or the only one in the group that is drinking Prosecco or Champagne. That is definitely one of its advantages. It’s ideal to drink a bottle of sparkling wine in the same sitting in order to maintain the freshness of the bubbles. If only one person is drinking it, ordering a split avoids the need to open an entire bottle and potentially wasting perfectly good bubbly.

 syltbar doesn't produce splits

There are a few very well known Prosecco and Champagne brands that you will find on many restaurant menus and in my retailers, but you may have noticed that SYLTBAR is not one of them. You will never see Mr Premium Prosecco or Mrs Sparkling Rosé in any bottle smaller than the standard 750mL bottle, and that is because our wine producers believe in preserving the integrity of their wine.

The aging process of wine in a smaller bottle (a split) is faster because of its size. This also means that more sugar and chemicals are added to enhance its flavor and preserve its freshness, since the grapes were not given adequate time to reach their fullest potential, and the fermentation process isn’t long enough to produce enough natural sulfites. This means adding sulfites is required in order to extend the shelf life.

 splits need more sugar and additives to balance the air ratio

Champagne Splits are generally mass produced.

SYLTBAR believes in creating only the most pure wine, with no extra sweeteners or sugars, no added chemicals or preservatives, and certainly not interrupting the production process simply to package the result in smaller bottles that lessen the quality of the finished product. We’re not the only brand that feels this way. Look at some of the higher end champagne brands like Runiart, Laurent Perrier, Krug, Dom Perignon… These brands do not offer splits either! Only more mass produced brands, such as Veuve Clicquot, offer splits.

Wine Splits are not very eco-friendly

Splits are not very eco-friendly either, which is something our producers care about a lot. Sustainable practices and protecting the Earth are part of SYLTBAR’s culture. More splits mean more packaging and more waste going out into the environment. Opening one single bottle for a group is much more practical and environmentally friendly than everyone having their own individual split.

 Black Stopper

Enjoy one glass of Prosecco with SYLTBAR Stoppers

The best thing about drinking Mr or Mrs is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish the entire bottle after opening it because SYLTBAR bottle stoppers do the trick to keep the bubbles fresh and perfectly fizzy for 3-4 days! When you use this Italian patented bottle stopper, you never have to worry about your bubbles going to waste. It even comes in three colors (black, pink and golden) so you can start a collection!  

The SYLTBAR bottle stoppers are made from high quality stainless steel materials, and are really easy to use. Simply clip it securely onto the bottle neck, and seal it firmly in place. You’ll keep enjoying your bubbly, pop after pop, never having to wonder if your bottle will go flat if you didn’t drink it all in one sitting.

 Does SYLTBAR offer Splits or Mini Bottles?

SYLTBAR wine is 100% naturally produced in Friuli, Italy, with nothing added and nothing removed. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts to produce our wine, and that is why you will never see Mr or Mrs bottled in a split, and only in their distinctive 750mL bottles. We also offer Mr in a double magnum, also known as a Jeroboam, which is 3000mL, or 3L, and serves an average of about 16 glasses. We call him Mr Big! When you purchase Mr Big online, it comes beautifully packaged in a handmade wooden case inscribed with the SYLTBAR branding.

To shop our 750mL bottles of Mr or Mrs or our 3000mL bottle of Mr Big, visit our online store or check out your local retailers.

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