Stay away from bottomless Mimosas

Stay away from bottomless Mimosas

You won’t believe how many calories those bottomless Mimosas contain. We love Brunch like many others do. It is obvious that it is more than just a regular meal but a ritual. It starts with pitchers of cheap Prosecco hastily mixed with cheap orange juice from concentrate. Followed by an overpriced breakfast containing pancakes, scrambled eggs, eggs benedict or stuffed French toast.

Very often the brunch also includes the leftovers of last night’s dinner service. After having spent at least $60.00 you need a nap which will make you wake up at 6pm feeling dazed, confused, overeaten and carrying a nasty hangover.

At the end of the day you have paid for a half ruined day.

As you can read we are not big fans of brunch at all. But let’s be real — brunch is a waste of money and time. This rich mid-day meal, however, can be an unassuming calorie nightmare beside the money you spend. But have you ever stopped to wonder how your body feels about all that bubbly ?The average eight ounce mimosa contains between 150 and 200 calories, which isn’t too bad on its own. But honestly who really has only one mimosa during an unlimited brunch ? None of us as we know.

Let’s face the facts. You will drink at least 4 - 5 glasses of mimosas. The math will show you that you consumed an extra of 1000 calories. After the addition of a Hollandaise Laden Eggs Florentine, or a juicy breakfast Burger with a side of French Fries you will end up at a 2000 calories meal.

In consideration about overdoing it on sugary Sparkling wine consumption, topping it very often with a Bloody Mary, which is a combination of non fresh tomato juice, vodka and hot sauce. These kind of cocktails aren’t any better or do contain less calories.

That is what you get from a timeshare, bottomless Mimosas which is not to your benefits. It is totally the opposite, nothing in return for you apart from a head pounding hangover due to the fact that this Mimosa thing never ends !

Usually menus look like a fantastic deal. It seams to be a no brainer, right ? But deals are always tricky and that is why we disclose our secret. Your glass! Let’s break it down for a second. The bottles of Prosecco, Cava or other Sparkler’s, used for your bottomless bubbly drinks might cost the restaurant $ 3 each, and it’s almost never real Champagne. Instead, it’s a budget bubbly made in the US, a cheap Prosecco, Cava or another Sparkler from elsewhere ( Some upscale places like Nobu or the Zuma’s of the world, use expensive ones, but we’ll get to them in a minute ). Unless they’re leaving you the whole bottle to mix on your own, your Mimosa might contain an ounce of this bubbly, of which there are 25 ones in a standard bottle of bubbly. That breaks it down to 12 cents average per Mimosa, plus the costs of a cheap nonnatural orange juice. This is the perfect profit margin for a Restaurant as you can imagine.

Some Restaurants even go a step further to offer unlimited Mimosas in order to find out for how long you can sit and enjoy it. So how many glasses you can drink in in 2 hours ?

The waiters do their best to refill your Mimosas to show how generous the location takes care about their guests. In addition they tell you which menu items contain gluten. It is not the waiters fault but restaurant’s management one. Called quantity first prior to quality. This is very similar to the New Year’s Eve open bars where they only carry and offer the cheapest Wine and Liquor.

Very often restaurants offer bottomless Mimosas for free when you buy a brunch entrée. But as we have mentioned before this is a scam. Brunch is a cash cow for restaurants. The food is generally made with cheaper ingredients compared to the regular dinner menu. The much higher margin on each dish comes natural to all the restaurants, Hotels and Clubs.

So even the average 12 cents worth of sparkling wine are cashed in their pockets disposal which is a part of a brunch menu. Even if someone does manage to consume enough Mimosas to make the bottomless price looks like to be worth it, this beverage acts like a teaser to attract the customer to join the restaurant in order to purchase the higher margin brunch menu. The unlimited Mimosas also support the fact that the guest is not even realizing that maybe the food wasn’t that great……….

Fine- dining restaurants like Nobu offer SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco for their Brunch. You pay a little extra but it is totally worth it.

As you know SYLTBAR contains the lowest sugar content out of 80 famous Sparkling Wine Brands and is 100% naturally produced. This means no hangovers and much less calories. It is the better deal since you are getting a Premium Prosecco which is not available at CVS or any other Gas Station.

It’s not quite the scam the cheap stuff is. But if you believe that you are getting it for less anywhere by dropping the price of a round trip on Spirit or on a hybrid meal, you are simply a sucker.

We understand that sometimes small restaurants depend on doing brunch to break even in the brutal world of restaurant business. And none can blame them for trying to make the most out of it. But like in so many other legal scams, it’s on us ! We have to figure out and decide to say: “No Thank you. I’ll just have a glass of SYLTBAR Prosecco and an Egg Benedict”. How simple is that ? No hangovers, less calories and during the next day your health and your bank account will realize that it was a much better and wiser decision.

That is why we recommend you press only fresh Oranges for your Mimosa ( see below picture ). Do it by yourself and consume it right away with a splash of SYLTBAR Prosecco. We are pretty sure that you have your own SYLTBAR Bottle stopper at home to save the remaining part of the bottle, which will keep the SYLTBAR Prosecco fresh for at least another 3 days after having opened it first. Please make sure that the pressed orange juice is really a fresh one. Don’t buy it in a supermarket, because usually the fresh orange juice there also contains preservatives and if not, it will not contain the same amount of vitamins in case the juice was only pressed hours before. Orange juice has to be consumed right away after being pressed so that one can enjoy the complete nutrition experience.

We go by saying and living:” Less is More”

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