SYLTBAR Bottle Stopper - Is it worth it?

SYLTBAR Bottle Stopper - Is it worth it?

Imagine putting an open bottle of bubbly into your refrigerator, in hopes of going back for another glass at some point the next day, only to discover that the bubbles have dissipated and the fizz is no longer fresh. Do not let this happen to you. Get yourself a good quality champagne stopper and it won’t!

How to keep prosecco from going flat

If you find yourself wondering, “if it’s called champagne stopper, can you put a stopper in Prosecco,” the answer is ABSOLUTELY! SYLTBAR patented its own champagne stopper that fits perfectly right onto the neck of both Mr and Mrs, and any other sparkling wine you love.

Will prosecco stay bubbly overnight? 

Our Italian patented stoppers are made from stainless steel, not plastic or other products that are not good for the environment. They clip snugly and securely right onto the bottle neck, and easily seal firmly in place. The SYLTBAR stoppers are long lasting, keeping your bubbles fresh for three to four days!

If you pop open bottles of Mr and Mrs often, but don’t always finish them in one sitting, you definitely need a stopper. There is no better tip for how to keep prosecco from going flat. You can use your SYLTBAR bottle stoppers again and again, pop after pop, until the very last drop! In addition to using the stopper, keeping your Prosecco and sparkling wine at its ideal temperature, which is around 45-49°F, is crucial. You can easily achieve that temperature, and keep your bottles cold, by using a quality ice bucket like this one.

How well does a champagne stopper work?

So, let’s get to the real question… How well does a champagne stopper work? Here is a true anecdote from one of our SYLTBAR team members describing a time when her SYLTBAR stopper saved the day:

“I hosted a small party at my apartment on New Year’s Eve this past year, with plenty of Mr SYLTBAR to go around. Everyone loved the Prosecco! After having enjoyed lots and lots of glasses of Mr all night, one of my guests accidentally left an almost full open bottle out on the counter, without a stopper! Before going to bed, I noticed the bottle and, in an effort to hopefully save the precious bubbles inside the bottle, I clipped on a SYLTBAR stopper and put it into the fridge. Two days later, I took that bottle out of the refrigerator and poured a glass, and the bubbles were absolutely perfect. Still fresh, still fizzing, still like beautiful little ballerinas. I always have my SYLTBAR stoppers on hand whenever my friends and I are drinking Mr or Mrs. They work better than any other stopper I have ever used!” -Shaina Wizov, SYLTBAR Content Writer

There you have it, proof that Prosecco will stay bubbly overnight and even days later when affixed with a champagne stopper!

Does a champagne stopper work?

Remember... we are not just talking about any old bottle stopper; we are talking specifically about the SYLTBAR stoppers. Not all champagne stoppers are created equal!

There are some stoppers that are made from cheaper, lesser quality materials that may break easily and are simply offered as “cheap” giveaways or in goodie bags. The SYLTBAR stopper is more of a “must-have” item! It’s a novelty, a great gift for a host or hostess, and something you will always want to have around when you are drinking bubbles.

Some champagne stoppers are plain and boring, with no pops of color or any semblance of a design element to them, whereas the sleek and modern looking SYLTBAR stoppers come in black and pink, to match Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR, of course, and our beautiful logo embedded into the top.

Does a teaspoon in Prosecco work? 

People talk about other interesting methods to keep your Prosecco fresh, like using a silver spoon, not a metal spoon. It sounds kind of silly, but does a teaspoon in Prosecco work to really keep it fresh? The claim is that by placing a silver spoon inside the mouth of the bottle and then putting it in the fridge, it keeps the neck colder, and creates a kind of cold air “bubble” over the rest of the liquid inside the bottle. It is said to prevent any gas from rising, and keep the bubbles down in the bottle. A silver spoon moves the warm air much faster through a Champagne or Prosecco bottle, which keeps an open bottle of bubbles fresh. A silver spoon works much better than a metal spoon because of the material. Metal does not have the same effect. But, who has a real silver teaspoon these days? It’s definitely not as common to find actual silver spoons, so a method like this is not too reliable.  

Have you tried this method? We really do prefer, and always recommend, using our champagne stoppers. They have proven themselves to work the best, on any occasion!

Patented Prosecco Stoppers

Don’t let your Mr Premium Prosecco or Mrs Sparkling Rosé go to waste. That would be a sin! Visit our website to shop for our black champagne stopper and pink champagne stopper individually, or you can buy them together as a set.

You will also receive a SYLTBAR champagne stopper when you purchase various gift sets:

Shop now and may you always have fresh bubbly! Cheers to that!

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