SYLTBAR Il Concerto Prosecco and Sparkling Wine

SYLTBAR Il Concerto Prosecco and Sparkling Wine

You may have noticed the words Il Concerto on the front of your Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR bottles, and wondered what it means. The literal definition of this Italian phrase is The Concert. So, what does SYLTBAR Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé have to do with music? Let us share the history… 

Church at San Simone

The History of the San Simone Winery

SYLTBAR wines are produced by the family-owned-and-operated San Simone Winery in Friuli, Italy. Four generations of the Brisotto family have spanned the life of this vineyard located at Rondover, between Prata and Porcia, in the most western part of Doc Friuli Grave and the heart of Doc Prosecco. It started with the current owners’ great-grandfather and founder, Gino Brisotto, and great-grandmother, Olga. Then, passed onto their grandparents, Antonio and Angela. Then, onto their parents, Gino and Liviana, and now siblings, Chiara, Anna and Antonio, manage the winery and all of its practices. Even their own children have an active role in the winery activities.

di Brissoto Family 

As you can see, San Simone is truly a family operation that believes in passion, love, and sustainability, as they have been able to sustain the company since 1915! Another concept that the family believes in, is tradition. There is a church located right on the vineyard grounds. Dating back to when the vineyard was first operating, there would be concerts held at the church after each service. Sparkling wines produced by the winery were always served to guests of these concerts. There were cheerful, momentous occasions where a glass of bubbly was always a delight to share with friends and family after church.

San Simone Tradition 

 San Simone Winery

To honor this tradition, the owners of San Simone continue to produce the exact same sparkling wines that were drunk by concert goers during this time period — and you guessed it, Mr and Mrs were part of that tradition! It’s no wonder that they enjoy music so much!

Mr and Mrs might not have had their names back then, and the SYLTBAR brand had not yet been born, but they were very much a part of il concerto tradition at San Simone Winery.

Go grab one of your bottles of Mr and Mrs right now and take a look at the label on the front. Do you see the beautiful half-circle shaped design above the words Il Concerto? That is the same design as the church window where these concerts were held.


History plays such an important role in a company’s culture. Once you learn more about it, it makes you appreciate the brand so much more. We hope this piece of historical information helps you appreciate and support the SYLTBAR brand and its winery even more than you already do.

 Antonio and Regina with SYLTBAR

Whether for a concert or another form of entertainment, or even just sitting at home relaxing, Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR are the best sparkling wines for any occasion! Shop for SYLTBAR sparkling wines at, and don’t forget to add on these must-have accessories: bottle stoppers to keep Mr and Mrs fresh for up to 3-4 days and an ice bucket to keep Mr and Mrs at the perfect temperature. Cheers to tradition, and being smarter to enjoy life in a healthier way.

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