The Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine: A Guide to SYLTBAR”s Sustainable Production

The Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine: A Guide to SYLTBAR”s Sustainable Production

What is Organic Wine?

Organic wine means that the grapes used in production have been organically grown according to the country of origin’s organic farming standards. There is no universal standard; it varies country to country. For a wine to be called organic, it must be made with grapes that have been certified organic in the country they were grown in.


In the United States, certified organic foods must adhere to the federal guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This says that for produce to be called organic, it must be certified to have grown on soil that had no prohibited substances, such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or any other kind of chemical, applied for at least three years before harvest. Additionally, there are also certain specifications about things like soil, pest control, weed control, using additives, and in the case of animal products, the way in which the animals are raised.


When it comes to wine being organic, it’s all about how the soil and environment in which the grapes are grown. This means that there are no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or artificial fertilizers used, no chemicals are added to the wine, and there are no added sulfites either — only the naturally occurring sulfites that produce during the fermentation process.



What Is Sustainable Wine?


Sustainability is all about protecting the environment and maintaining a level of social responsibility. It doesn’t necessarily always mean the product is organic, but these terms are often used together. Many brands who believe in sustainability also believe in holding their product to the high standards of being organic as well.


SYLTBAR goes above and beyond the standards for organic. We are certified through the Italian Green Project, which refers to a set of actions, behaviors, and procedures that have been put in place to contribute to the environmental sustainability of our business, respecting the existing territorial balance. The SYLTBAR producers have been farming for over a hundred years, working alongside Mother Nature to heal the Earth by growing nutrient-rich soil, using clean water, and providing wine lovers with a pure, natural, organic wine with nothing added, and nothing removed.


 Is Drinking Organic Wine Better For You?


Yes, choosing to drink organic wine is a better, healthier option. When you are drinking a wine labeled as organic, you can be sure that the grapes harvested were never touched by any chemicals, and that there are no added sulfites, no extra flavoring or coloring agents, and no other additives at all.


Many winemakers choose to use additives to help enhance flavor and increase shelf life. This saves them time and money, and allows them to be able to mass produce their wine. These wines might be the most commonly seen on store shelves and restaurant wine lists, but these are not the wines you want to drink if you’re looking for something organic, which is both better for you and better for the environment.


A bottle of wine, even the most expensive and highly rated brands, is allowed to have up to 72 additives. This seems crazy to us. Why would you want so many additives in your wine?! You will not even find one additive in SYLTBAR wines. This is because our producers don’t cut corners, and allow the grapes to fully develop their flavors and aromas so there is no need to add anything.


Keep in mind, though, that this also means SYLTBAR wines do not have extra preservatives in them, so there is no “extended” shelf life like all of those mass-produced wines have. This is why you don’t see SYLTBAR on every shelf or in every restaurant — we don’t mass-produce.


Shop SYLTBAR Sustainably Made Wine


We are proud to work with one family-owned-and-operated winery in Friuli Italy. This allows us as a brand to focus on producing a consistent, high-quality product for our customers, instead of worrying about mass producing for larger distribution. It’s more about quality over quantity for us. We are transparent, always labeling our bottles with the fill date, and we understand our responsibility to protect and take care of our Earth so she can continue to take care of us.


Not only is SYLTBAR sustainable and organic with no added sulfites, but it’s also very low in sugar and calories, and our wines are vegan too.


If sustainable living is something you believe in, you should believe in it full force — and that means extending that belief to what you eat and drink. We appreciate your support for our sustainable brand and your support of Mother Nature.


Shop for sustainable wine from SYLTBAR online, or look for us in a retail store or restaurant in your local area.

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