The Difference between Brut and Extra Dry

The Difference between Brut and Extra Dry

Brut and Extra Dry are the most well known classifications around the World for Sparkling Wines such as Prosecco, Cava and Champagne. The majority stores don’t sell other types of classifications in order to make it easy for the customer to select. But there do exist more classifications: Extra Brut, Dry, Brut Nature, Demi Sec and Doux. We don’t want to get too much in detail about the others because it is very complex to explain and a little bit technical too. It is very important that one understands the difference between Brut and Extra Dry.

To make it clear, Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR are both Brut, but we don’t like to call it Brut only, because there are so many Brut’s out there in the market on a completely different quality level. We wanted to give our brand a face behind being Brut and therefore came up with the two Nicknames Mr for the SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco and Mrs for our SYLTBAR Sparking Rose.

We also don’t like to hear so often “I love Prosecco or I love Rose” because there are so many Proseccos and Sparkling Roses available! And as we know there are big differences in quality and taste profile. While some may say “I like more Extra Dry than Brut” a matter of a fact is that it starts with a signification which brand you like in the Sparkling wine category.

Sparkling Wine: Brut vs Extra Dry

Let’s get started with the difference between Brut and Extra Dry. The biggest difference between Brut and Extra Dry is the level of sweetness in the beverage. It sounds weird, but the Extra Dry Prosecco or Sparkling Rose is in general sweeter than the Brut.

Brut means “dry” or “raw” in French and that is how the Italian wine market adopted these classifications because of its history. It makes sense that SYLTBAR is a Brut because of its very low sugar content, but you also find many other Brut’s in the market and these ones contain a lot of sugar as you can see in our comparison page which is proven by the Diabetes Research Center of the University in Miami.

SYLTBAR tastes fruity and dry because of its Prosecco character. The 100% Glera and the 100% Merlot Grape offer our SYLTBAR wines a floral taste.

Many end consumers hesitate to try Prosecco because they are of the opinion that Prosecco’s are sweet. All our customers who never tried SYLTBAR before would not even realize that this is a Prosecco or just a Sparkling Rose. They always have the impression that SYLTBAR has to be a Champagne because people who only like Champagne can’t understand why our SYLTBAR Prosecco or the Sparkling Rose are so dry with a touch of fruitiness. They stick to SYLTBAR from the moment on when they have tasted it for the first time and leave their Champagne attitude behind. After having tasted SYLTBAR, some of them even prefer it over the brand which they used to drink. The reason for it is that SYLTBAR is lower on alcohol content and because of the low sugar level. An additional nice side effect is their low calorie count. See how SYLTBAR stacks up against the calories in other popular wines.

49 Calories only in a 6 oz glass for Mr SYLTBAR ( Brut ) and only 63 calories in a 6oz glass for Mrs SYLTBAR ( Brut ).

Extra Dry only clarifies more sweetness and sugar. So don’t mix it up because of the clarification of "Extra Dry". We do agree that it is very confusing and one has to ask the French: “Why is it like that?” The Extra Dry tastes less sour compared to Brut and this definitely plays its role in that part.

As we have mentioned before, a lot of people would be surprised to hear that Extra Dry Prosecco is actually much sweeter than the Brut. It’s not hard to pick between those two types. Most of the time it depends on the taste of persons who would like to avoid sugar in their Prosecco, Champagne or Sparkling Wine choice. We hope none does. Sugar is our biggest enemy and we should never forget that it is not only about the food we are consuming. We also have to be very careful and conscious about what we are drinking. Our saying is “You are what you eat and drink.”

It is important to know that neither one of these two is extremely sweet like Demi-Sec or Doux. Usually, most of the Prosecco, Champagnes and Sparkling wines taste dry, but very often you can regulate the taste with additives and rounds ups to balance it. Only a few wine producer are able to produce 100% natural, because they are facing much higher production costs.

Now let’s go to the details.

We don’t want that you skip your favorite champagne Brand but it should be consumed more for special occasions, like New Year’s Eve, Birthdays and Anniversaries. A good champagne which is naturally produced has its price and should be recognized by it. We highly recommend our favorite Rose Champagne Laurent Perrier or Ruinart Champagne Blanc de Blanc. Both brands are a brilliant choice for you, being 100% naturally produced and very nicely balanced too. These Brands will keep your special moment really special and make it even better. It is also highly recommended by us to drink a Vintage Champagne like Dom Perignon. This brand is also famous for its beautiful bottle design. Keep and save the empty bottle which will remind you of your special day. SYLTBAR is your HAPPY HEALTHY DAILY JUICE, but of course it can also be used for special occasions depending on everyone’s budget of course.

You will for sure love our Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR. It is well balanced and not sweet at all. The amount of sugar in it is no imperceptible that you will not even notice it.

Sparkling Wines such as Prosecco, Cava and Champagne are the favorite women’s beverage. Some of it differs from another because of the sugar level. Here is the scale of them regarding taste from the driest to the sweetest ones. You always have to keep in mind that all Brands are different regarding the sugar level. This is only a guidance to explain the differences.

If you want to try different styles please make sure to know which Brand to buy. It happens very often that big names and Brands are great in Marketing but that alone is not enough to have a good product. So choose wisely.

Types of Sparkling Wines

  • Brut Nature - It just contains 0-3 g/l Residual Sugar (RS), which is equivalent to less than a 1/6 teaspoon of sugar per 5 oz/150 ml serving. This is the driest type of a Sparkling Wine.
  • Extra Brut - has 0-6 g/l of Residual Sugar, which is equivalent to less than a 1/4 teaspoon sugar per 5 oz/150 ml serving. Extra Brut is only a bit drier than the Brut; there is almost no difference.
  • Brut - The original Brut contains 0-12 g/l of Residual Sugar, which is equivalent to less than a ½ teaspoon sugar per 5 oz/150 ml serving. In the Brut section you have many variations regarding sugar level. Don’t take Brut as a guarantee for low sugar amount.

Sweeter types of Sparkling Wines

  • Extra Dry - This one contains 12-17 g/l RS, which is equivalent to a ½–¾ teaspoon of sugar per 5 oz/150 ml serving. After all, it turns out that the Extra Dry is much higher on sugar content compared to Brut.
  • Dry - This one contains 17-32 g/l RS which is equivalent to a ¾-1 teaspoon sugar per 5 oz/150 ml serving. Very sweet.
  • Demi-Sec - really the very sweet ones. Contains 32-50 g/l RS which is equivalent to a 1–2 teaspoons sugar per 5 oz/150 ml serving.
  • Doux - This is the sweetest type. It contains 50+ g/l RS which is equivalent to more than 2 teaspoons of sugar per 5 oz/150 ml serving. We highly recommend to staying away from it.

Now you have a complete list. Everything else is up to your taste and how you feel after having consumed several glasses. Get the one which makes you feel great the next day without having to face any side effects. Sugar is also making us feel tired and it causes headaches. Besides the low calorie count of Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR it tastes refreshing and it is so delightful. SYLTBAR always puts a smile on our face and we hope on yours too.

Is SYLTBAR sweet?

No. Our SYLTBAR Brut Premium Prosecco and the Sparkling Rose are fruity which is a big difference compared to sweet. SYLTBAR connects people. It is very hard to find someone who does not like Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR. You can drink SYLTBAR every day almost like a healthy habit, just because it feels right to do so. Undoubtedly, our body does not lie to us which is the best prove of real quality.

SYLTBAR is a perfect option for business and social meetings. It shows your audience that you know what you are serving and not just buying something without any knowledge of the product quality. A lot of people get confused because they believe they have to impress others by buying Champagne. Unfortunately the Champagne market got flooded with private labels for retail prices at about $30. So these end consumers believe it has to be good quality only because of the word Champagne. Please always keep in mind that a Champagne is going through a very difficult and complex way of production which happens in the bottle. That takes a lot of attention beside the choice of different grapes. Our opinion is that if you want to pick a real great Champagne quality you better spend at least $60 to $100 for it. A bottle of Champagne for $30 is a totally different quality level.

Prosecco vs Champagne

Champagne has an amazing story to tell. During the 900’s the Romans started to get another beverage compared to the local wine which they used to drink. France played a big role in spreading the Champagne around the world. The King of France established one of the FIRST Champagnes. Brut and Extra Dry Champagnes are the most famous ones and France is still the leader of the Champagne market with a consumption of 102.2 million liters in 2019. UK is second 22,6 million liters and US is ranked third consuming 20.5 million liters.

The Sparkling Wine category doesn’t have as many types as wine does. It can’t be Red or White, but it can be Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Dry, Dry, Demi-Sec and Doux. Sparkling Wines are lighter compared to Still Wines because of its lower alcohol content and it is also easier to drink.

SYLTBAR is getting more and more popular every year. Many people replaced their favorite Champagne with Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR as a light and refreshing alternative. Not only for your wallet, but also for your health. New Prosecco names are showing up in the US market on a regular basis, but this happens more and more in the cheaper mass produced category. Therefore we understand why in the beginning many of our customers were hesitating to taste SYLTBAR. But today after being 10 years in the market we have achieved the proof of concept. And the best Marketing for SYLTBAR is that a friend is telling his or her friend about our Brand.

Thanks to word of mouth, today SYLTBAR is a famous brand which already has a sustainable amount of fans and followers. We are not just a Brut or the regular one. On the nice picture of our Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR cases you can see why we call SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco, Mr and SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose, Mrs. It is obvious.

Don’t forget that we also have Mr Big for you our SYLTBAR double Magnum bottle ( 3 Liter ). Fills 24 Champagne flutes or we prefer 16 white wine glasses. In the professional wine language it is called Jeroboam. Due to the fact that there are many Jeroboam bottles out in the market we have found a Nickname for it too. We will share in our next blog how we came up with the name Mr Big and which other kind of big formats are in the market.

Don’t forget to call SYLTBAR by their names because you are a person who knows what you want!


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