The Story of SYLTBAR

The Story of SYLTBAR

What is the SYLTBAR Logo?

Ah, the beautiful island of Sylt… Often called by Americans the “Nantucket of Germany” and by Europeans, the “St. Tropez of the North,” this is the largest of the North Frisian islands, the fourth largest island in Germany, located off Schleswig-Holstein’s North Sea coast.

It’s a very popular destination for foodies, nature lovers (half of the island’s land is registered as a protected area) and those chasing the best in white sand beaches, beach horseback riding and water sports adventures, paradise vibes, and high-end shopping. The island of Sylt embodies luxury. Homes are decorated beautifully and expensively, people live lavishly, and having a vintage car collection is as common as having a wine cork collection. It’s made up of 25 miles of sandy beaches on the Wadden Sea, with many spa resorts, wellness centers, and wide open land used for four challenging 18-hole golf courses surrounded by magnificent land, overlooking the north sea. 

In the 1960’s, Sylt reinvented itself as a party island, attracting celebrities such as popular German playboy, Gunter Sachs, French actress and sex symbol, Bridget Bardot, born in Paris,  and so forth. The parties were grandiose, a place to see and be seen. The island of Sylt became a symbol of opulence and affluence. Oh, and we can’t forget that the first nude beach also started on the Island of Sylt back in those days. It’s even included as a must-see destination in the famous book titled, 1000 Places To See Before You Die.”

It is also where the story of the owners of SYLTBAR, Regina (maiden name Martin) and Claus Blohm, really, truly begins.  

The Owners of SYLTBAR

We know what you’re thinking… I thought SYLTBAR was produced in Italy? Why is it named after a German island? Well, first of all; yes, you are correct. SYLTBAR is indeed 100% naturally produced in Friuli, Italy at the family-owned-and-operated San Simone Winery. Secondly, the name is not meant to reflect where the wine is produced. Instead, it reflects a beautiful moment in time that connects the SYLTBAR founders in a very unique and unforgettable way.

Before these two became a couple, they were Mr. Claus Blohm and Mrs. Regina Martin, two individuals living their own separate lives in different parts of the world, with absolutely no knowledge of the other’s presence and no real knowledge about wine, except that they knew they liked to drink it.  Unbeknownst to one another, Claus and Regina were both visiting the island of Sylt during the same time period in 1991 about 30 years ago. During their travels to this beautiful island in Germany, they both tasted and fell in love with a specific sparkling wine called Prosecco from the winery, San Simone.  Prosecco was not too well known in Germany at this time, just as it was not very well known in the US, either. Prosecco only became popular in America within the last 15 years. So. it is quite an interesting fact that Claus and Regina both were able to find and drink this particular Prosecco at different places during their trips. In fact, some might call it destiny.

Although Claus and Regina were traveling and drinking this Prosecco separately and did not meet during this trip, years later, in 2005 they met as neighbors in Hamburg. Somehow, fate brought them together, even though it took 9 months of living next door to one another. It was not love at first sight — the two had nothing in common, aside that they both agreed that this Prosecco they had both discovered on the Island Sylt is the best Prosecco they had ever tasted. As they enjoyed many glasses, bottles and cases together, they got to know each other more and more. Both of them today totally agree that taking time to get to know someone is essential to really finding out if this is your partner for life, or if it’s just a short term interaction. In 2008, they got married in Italy, with of course, their most loved Prosecco. Only a few months later, the brand name, SYLTBAR, was born. Their partnership with San Simone Winery gave them the opportunity to bring their love and passion for sustainable natural wine production to the US. Miami was, and still is, Regina’s favorite city in the US, and was obsessed with the idea of starting their new life together in Miami. The warm climate is especially good for appreciating their more refreshing and upscale Premium Prosecco. At that time in 2010, you could really only find Lamarca and Minonetto Prosecco in this category in the US.   

Today, the German island of Sylt still remains a popular tourist destination, with Corana being even more popular, because of the clean air. Many people who suffer from asthma feel much better after spending time there. Its beaches are home to many surf schools, and water sports are one of the top things to do for both locals and vacationers. Having a second home, or a “vacation home,” on the island of Sylt is common among German celebrities and the elite. This island represents living in paradise; it boasts sophistication, prosperity, and high-class taste — all of the things we wish to manifest into SYLTBAR.

It’s a combination of Claus and Regina’s connected past on the island that is the reason for the creative idea to partner with the shape of the island of Sylt for our brand.

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Follow our Instagram to see our video series, posted every Thursday, sharing more details about how our story has come together. We like to remind you that SYLTBAR is trademarked, which shows how much we do believe in, and love, this brand.

Now that you understand the backstory a little bit more, you can see what makes SYLTBAR so unique. This is not this typical wine story that you’ll find everywhere. SYLTBAR will always uphold its commitment to bring you a clean, chemical- and additive-free, naturally produced wine that is also vegan, and very low in sugar, sulfites and calories. We are more than just an organic, sustainably produced wine — we are certified by the Italian Green Project, which puts forth regulations that support farming with Mother Nature and the environment in mind.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the island of Sylt in Germany, we highly encourage you to take the opportunity! Before you go, contact us for all of the best insider tips on what to do while on the Island Sylt. Shop online or find a retailer near you.

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