mr syltbar bottle is much heavier than the competitors

The Weight of SYLTBAR

You may not be aware of this, but not every wine bottle is created equally. Some bottles are manufactured differently — SYLTBAR, especially. 

If you go to your wine refrigerator right now and pull out a bottle of Mr or Mrs SYLTBAR and hold it in one hand, while holding a bottle of sparkling wine from a different brand in your other hand, you will find that the SYLTBAR bottle is heavier. In fact, SYLTBAR bottles weigh 2.6 pounds. That is 60% more than the average bottle that weighs about 1.6 pounds.

Protecting Naturally Produced Wine

The main reason behind this production difference has to do with quality control. SYLTBAR wines are 100% naturally produced, without any additives or chemicals to help preserve it. Since there are no chemicals in the wine to protect it from outside environmental elements, the bottle needs to do all of the protecting itself. This means the glass of the bottle must be thicker, heavier, and more solid in order to protect the wine against light and heat that could otherwise affect its color, aroma, flavor, and overall quality. Basically, if we used any other bottle, SYLTBAR wine would be undrinkable.

We have witnessed with our own eyes just how reliable these heavier bottles are. Five years ago, there was a mix-up between a container of SYLTBAR and a container of kitchen equipment. The containers were switched and the wine went to Saudi Arabia instead of where it should have been delivered, in New York. The container was not chilled — it was just a regular container, and it sat in the heat at the harbor for three weeks before being forwarded to New York! Everyone thought that, once it reached the distributor in New York, the bottles of Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR would be ruined. But alas, the wine had not gone bad. The distributor opened the container that held 20 cases, and each bottle of wine was in perfect condition. We were there when the bottles were checked, and we completely believe the wine was preserved as well as it was due to the fact that we use such heavy duty bottles.

How to preserve wine without Additives

To maintain the quality of naturally produced products — and we don’t just mean wine, this applies to things like natural finishing olive oils as well — the product needs to be stored in the correct container so that no outside factors can obstruct its true characteristics. For instance, to properly preserve a good quality olive oil, it should be stored in a ceramic cruet, a thick vessel that will block out light, air, and heat. For natural wine, it’s recommended that bottles weigh at least two pounds. SYLTBAR bottles weigh even more than that to ensure that absolutely nothing will get in the way of the quality of our wines.

At SYLTBAR, we choose to use heavier, more durable bottles to preserve our wine, rather than chemicals and other additives like some big name brands choose to do. These lighter bottles are cheaper to produce and cheaper to ship, and because there are those chemicals and additives in the wine, the producers don’t have to worry about the wine turning bad due to the bottles not being sturdy enough to keep out the light and heat. In this case, it appears that saving money is more important than the safety or quality of the wine.

Although this means that our wines are much cleaner, more pristine, and better for you, it also means that the bottles cost more to ship. So, when we offer special deals that include complimentary shipping with your purchase, please don’t take this for granted! It is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer. It’s our way of showing you how much we love and appreciate you, and want you to always be part of the SYLTBAR family! 

Shop Natural Wine Online

Shop SYLTBAR’s 100% naturally produced, low-sugar, low-sulfite, chemical- and additive-free wines online or at a retailer or restaurant near you.

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