Toasting to Wellness: Prosecco, Champagne, and Your Diet Goals

Toasting to Wellness: Prosecco, Champagne, and Your Diet Goals

If you want to stay on track with your diet, the common belief is that you must bid farewell to their favorite indulgences, including the luxurious delights of Prosecco and Champagne. But this isn’t always true! You can still enjoy these sparkling wines without derailing your diet goals and feel good in the morning when you wake up after having a few glasses the night before.

Let's toast to living a life where Prosecco, Champagne and your diet goals can all exist together.

Wellness Tips for Wine Lovers

Choose Wisely:

The first step to enjoying Prosecco and Champagne while on a diet is to choose your sparkling wine wisely. Look for options that are lower in calories and sugar. Watch for the words Brut or Extra Brut on the labels, as these varieties are less sweet and typically contain fewer calories. When comparing Prosecco and Champagne, Prosecco is often a lighter choice.

This is because Champagne has a higher alcohol content than Prosecco. Champagne averages about 12-13% and Prosecco is typically about 11%. SYLTBAR is a Premium Prosecco that contains 11.5% alcohol content, which is due to its double fermentation process that allows the grape to have enough time to fully develop. That is why there is no need for our producers to add any additional sugar to make the juice more flavorful.

We suggest that Champagne be used for special occasions because it contains an average of 140-160 calories per 6-ounce glass. But be sure to enjoy a very high quality champagne, such as Ruinart or Laurent-Perrier if you’d like a glass or two.

Please stay away from mass-produced Champagne. We won’t say names, but it has an orange label and you can find it at every gas station and stores like Walgreens. A regular Prosecco has around 100-110 calories, but SYLTBAR is only 49 calories because of the purity of the grapes combined with the long fermentation time.

As you know, SYLTBAR Mr Premium Prosecco and Mrs Sparkling Rosé have both been lab-tested by the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute, proven to be significantly lower in sugar and calories than other well known sparkling wine brands. Additionally, both Mr and Mrs have been awarded only 2 SmartPoints for WW (Weight Watchers).

Even more impressive is that due to their incredibly low sugar and carbohydrate levels, they are considered Keto-friendly too. So, when it comes to making the wise choice, you know what to select!

Watch Your Portions:

Portion control is key when you're sipping on sparkling wine while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Watching your portions helps to avoid overindulging and to keep your calorie intake in check. Savoring each sip can also enhance your overall experience.

A standard glass is about 4-5 ounces, but at SYLTBAR, we consider a standard glass to be 6 ounces. This is because SYLTBAR wines have a naturally low calorie content, so we believe you can treat yourself to a little more. As we mentioned before, 6-ounce glass of Mr is only 49 calories and Mrs is only 63, compared to other brands of Prosecco and Champagne that are around 100-140 calories per 6 ounces. That means you could have about two glasses of SYLTBAR for every one glass of another brand and still control your calorie count.

Opt for Light Mixers:

If you enjoy cocktails made with sparkling wine, make sure to always choose low-calorie mixers like sparkling water or club soda, and use fresh fruit or citrus zest instead of high-sugar juices and syrups.

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking alcohol can dehydrate you, and it can also stimulate your appetite, making you more likely to reach for snacks that are not very diet-friendly. Stay hydrated by drinking water before and after enjoying your Prosecco or Champagne to help curb those extra cravings. We aim to drink about 2-3 liters of water every day.

Plan Ahead:

Instead of spontaneously reaching for the bubbly, plan your indulgence. This way, you can allocate some of your daily calorie intake to your sparkling treat. Knowing when you'll enjoy it can help you make more conscious choices throughout the day.

Pair with Light Bites:

To make your bubbly experience even more delightful, pair your Prosecco or Champagne with healthy, low-calorie snacks. Fresh fruit, such as berries or slices of apples or pear, can complement the sparkling wine's flavors and satisfy your taste buds without adding unnecessary calories.

Incorporating Prosecco and Champagne into your diet can be a delightful and guilt-free experience when done thoughtfully. Remember, it's all about balance and making conscious choices. You’ve already taken the first step by visiting the SYLTBAR website, where you know you will find your Happy Healthy Daily Juice: the perfect sparkling wine to complement your healthy lifestyle.

By following these tips and continuing to select Mr and Mrs when choosing a bubbly beverage, you can continue to enjoy life's luxuries while maintaining your diet goals. So raise your glass and toast to a healthier, happier you!

To shop for diet-friendly wine, visit or look for a retailer near you that carries our wines.

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