Where to find SYLTBAR near me

Where to find SYLTBAR near me

Not sure where to get SYLTBAR wine in a retail store or restaurant in your area? Here are some tips on how to find Mr and Mrs so you can enjoy their company whenever you’d like!

Commitment to clean, natural wine

We know you love SYLTBAR, and how upsetting it can be when you walk into your favorite restaurant or local wine shop and discover that Mr and Mrs are missing from the shelves. As a SYLTBAR lover, you should know and understand by now that there is a reason you won’t find SYLTBAR wines as often as you see other sparkling wine brands. This is because our producers don’t take shortcuts. They don’t use chemicals or preservatives when producing the wines, and that means they don’t overproduce. SYLTBAR is committed to quality over quantity, and that is evident due to its limited availability.

What states prohibit wine shipments?

But there are other reasons for SYLTBAR not being available everywhere. Despite the fact that SYLTBAR launched in the US in 2010, there are certain states that we
personally are not able to ship to from our website to consumer homes, not by choice, but because of certain local regulations. Currently, the states to which we cannot ship include Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi and Utah.
This is because most of the alcohol laws in America were written after the 21st
amendment repealed Prohibition in the 1930s, including shipping regulations, which were left in the hands of each individual state. That means that each state’s governing body makes up its own rules when it comes to shipping alcohol within the state borders. Some are more strict than others, i.e., in Utah, it is a felony to ship alcohol directly to consumers. As much as we wish we could ship SYLTBAR wines to customers in every single US state, doing so could cost us our business!
Luckily, we do have distributors in various parts of the country that do the job for us and get SYLTBAR into the doors of local retail shops and restaurants in the states where it is permitted. Our distributors are as follows:
  • Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits: Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Texas, Washington
  • Horizon Beverage: Massachusetts, Rhode Island
  • Fedway: New Jersey
  • Johnson Brothers: North Carolina, Indiana
  • Imperial Beverage: Michigan
These are the states in which you can currently find SYLTBAR through our distributors. If you would like to inquire about SYLTBAR being offered at your favorite restaurant or wine shop, you can always submit a request through our distributors here, and you can always email us with your questions, special requests, etc. We are always there for you via email at atyourservice@syltbar.com.

How do I find SYLTBAR wine

One more thing... If you tell us about your favorite restaurant and help us get SYLTBAR on its menu, send us a photo of Mr and/or Mrs’s availability on the wine list and we will reward you with a case of your choice of wine! How’s that for incentive?!
We want to introduce the world to the best Prosecco, and to do that, we need your assistance. Help us show everyone how great it is to have this Happy, Healthy Daily Juice in their lives.
Cheers to all of you helping to spread the word about our brand and expanding SYLTBAR through word of mouth. We can’t thank you enough for that.
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