Why Does Prosecco and Champagne Give You Headaches?

Why Does Prosecco and Champagne Give You Headaches?

Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of a hangover, and probably one of the symptoms that is most complained about. Depending on the severity of your headache after a long night of drinking, you might not even be able to get out of bed, let alone do all the responsible-adult things you are supposed to do during the day. 

Headaches are not fun, yet people still go out and drink, even though they know there is a chance they may wake up the next day with a throbbing headache that pretty much kills their day.

too many glasses of SYLTBAR - never!

The main culprit behind those headaches is most likely dehydration from not drinking enough water while they are also drinking alcohol. You should try to follow the 1-1 rule as much as possible! For every cocktail or glass of wine or beer, have a glass of water. When it comes to wine, we know there are high amounts of tannins and histamines in some red wines, due to added chemicals during the wine production process, and these can cause headaches too.

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But what about sparkling wine? Sometimes it feels like Prosecco and Champagne cause headaches to come on even faster and more intensely than other wines or alcoholic beverages in general. There are studies behind this that blame it on the bubbles, explaining that the bubbles in sparkling wine cause alcohol to flow through the bloodstream faster, which is why you might get drunk more quickly when drinking Prosecco or Champagne than you do when drinking other alcoholic beverages… Maybe the logic here is that once you are drunk, you may continue to drink (and probably are not drinking an adequate amount of water) and this can all result in a headache.

Mass-Produced Prosecco and Champagne has added sugars

There is also research that blames those headaches on sugar content. The amount of sugar you consume does have a direct effect on the brain and nervous system, and it is important to maintain a proper level of sugar in the body in order to avoid sugar-induced headaches. It comes down to blood sugar levels, and how well the body breaks down glucose (sugar) after it has been consumed.

When a wine producer adds extra sweetener and sugars in order to enhance the flavor of the Prosecco or Champagne, that excess amount of sugar can cause a rise in blood sugar, which can be one of the reasons you are getting a headache. According to this article on Healthline, “Fluctuations in your glucose level affect your brain more than any other organ. These rises and drops can result in a headache. The headaches caused by glucose and your brain are also related to hormones activated by sugar levels.”

What alcohol is least likely to give you a hangover?

At SYLTBAR we always remind you that Mr Premium Prosecco and Mrs Sparkling Rosé do not have any added sugars, sweeteners, or chemicals of any kind. It’s 100% naturally produced wine, nothing added and nothing removed, just the way wine should be!

Mr and Mrs earned their spot as the lowest sugar sparkling wine after the University of Miami Diabetes Research tested them against 80 other widely known brands of Prosecco, Champagne and Cava. Mr’s results came out to 1.8 grams of residual sugar (that occurs naturally from the Glera grapes during production) in the entire 750ml bottle! This is because of the four-month double fermentation process that our winemakers use when producing SYLTBAR, that results in only fruit sugar left, and no need to add anything extra because the grapes have been fully developed.

Not only did the research team discover that there was a significant difference in the amount of sugar in Mr and Mrs versus the other brands, but the studies also showed that there was no spike in blood sugar after subjects drank SYLTBAR. No sugar spike = no headache! 

The biggest thing to remember, though, is to drink enough water while you are consuming alcohol, even if you are only drinking SYLTBAR. Staying hydrated is key to keeping our bodies working properly by supporting organ function and nutrient absorption, regulating body temperature, preventing infections, keeping joints healthy, and so much more. We like to say that water is Mr and Mrs’s best friend!

You never have to worry about getting a headache as long as you stick to imbibing in Mr and Mrs! Shop for headache-free, low-sugar Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé online or look for a retailer near you that sells our wines.


Photo by Ahtziri Lagarde & Anthony Tran on Unsplash  

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