Why is SYLTBAR Cashmere a Cabernet Franc instead of Camernere?

Why is SYLTBAR Cashmere a Cabernet Franc instead of Camernere?

Natural Red Wine - SYLTBAR Cashmere 

SYLTBAR Currently only carries one red wine, SYLTBAR Cashmere. This natural red wine is made from 100% Carmenere Grapes. Of course - this raises the question, Why is SYLTBAR Cashmere a Cabernet Franc instead of a Camernere? 

Carmenere Red Wines

Carmenere is an old French cultivar, which is thought to be derived from a cross between Cabernet Franc and Gros Cabernet (synonym of Trousseau). It was widely planted in the Bordeaux regions of Graves and Médoc before the aphid-like soil-born pest Phylloxera devastated French vineyards in the 19th century. This is completely true.

While almost extinct in France due to poor fruit set and late ripening, Carmenere has well adapted to the Chilean climate and soil where it has become the flagship red wine grape with more than 10,000 hectares planted in most valleys throughout the country . Brought to Chile in the 1850s with other Bordeaux grapes just before phylloxera hit Europe, it was wrongly identified as Merlot until 1994 when the French ampelographer Jean Michel Boursiquot and, few years later, DNA fingerprinting determined that the “Merlot Chileno” was instead Carmenere.

Italian Cabernet Franc Naming 

A similar situation happened in Italy where it was confused with Cabernet Franc until 1994. Carmenere grapes were registered in North East of Italy under the name of “Cabernet Franc” and this law still exists. We have to conform by the presiding law of wine labelling under our appellation.

Even though it is 100% Carmenere grape used to produce Sugano wine we cannot declare Carmenere on the wine label, but only Cabernet Franc.

Dark & Bold Red Wine

If you're a fan of Carmenere wines, you have to try the SYLTBAR Red Wine. Our dry red wine is Full-bodied, intense, harmonious, with round tannins and a well-merged freshness with gentle spicy notes. It is very characteristic, pleasant and intense aromas, with a light finish of cinnamon and red berry.

syltbar cashmere

Try SYLTBAR Cashmere

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